Playcast: Episode 66 – RF Generation Playcast


Playcast: Episode 66 – RF Generation Playcast – What about channel 4?

RF Generation.  The Classic and Modern Gaming Databases.
RF Generation.  The Classic and Modern Gaming Databases.

In this episode, the boys let their freak flags fly as Rich (singlebanana) and Shawn (GrayGhost81) are joined by their friend and host of the Retro Fandango podcast, Kevin (BuriedOnMars). It’s another month of murderous mayhem as the guys stalk the streets of Steelport to reclaim the city they call home in Volition’s wacky, open-world crime shooter, Saints Row: The Third. The guys discuss the their favorite gameplay elements and how they chose to approach this title.  This month, there’s a tremendous ConcertCast as the guys discuss their recently fallen rock heroes and their favorite albums of 1995. You will not want to miss this high eclectic selection of albums and you’ll certainly want to know which of the boys has never heard of the Wu Tang Clan…..we can’t make this up kids.  Join us for this hardy and laughter-filled episode of the Playcast. 

As always, we are happy to hear your thoughts on these games on our discussion page (linked below). We will respond to your comments and are always happy to discuss the games more. Please be sure to rate and write a review of the show on iTunes and/or Podbean to help us increase our listenership. Thanks for the listen, we hope you enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:
Intro – 00:00:42
Bulls#$tin’ & What’s New – 00:04:09
ConcertCast – 00:13:46
Question of the Month – 00:58:20
Best Albums of 1995 – 01:16:12
Pickups – 02:05:33
Whatcha Playin’ – 02:14:15
Saints Row: The Third Discussion – 2:27:25
Upcoming Titles – 03:42:23
Outro – 03:47:29

Opening/Closing theme by Cameron Johnson of Atma Weapon (

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