Muv Luv Integrate, Sequel to Muv Luv Option, Revealed by âge’s Yoshimune Kouki


Muv Luv’s Yoshimune Kouki: “I do not know if Muv Luv Integrate will essentially release 1 day lol”.

Japanese studio âge held on October 22 the “âge 20th Anniversary broadcast [still breathing]” reside stream. Throughout the stream, Muv Luv‘s Yoshimune Kouki revealed screenshots for a new Muv Luv project titled Muv Luv Integrate.

Right here are the screens:

Throughout the stream, Yoshimune Kouki confirmed Muv Luv Integrate is a appropriate sequel to Muv Luv Option and it is quite a lot “Muv Luv Option 2″. In the previous, âge and Kouki released supplies or info about events and new mecha connected to what takes place subsequent in that point in the original Muv Luv universe, but it is the very first time an actual game is announced and presented as “Alter 2”.

Kouki also stated he’s personally handling the mecha style and component of the situation of Muv Luv Integrate.

Game journalist Mafia Kajita, who was present on stream, asked Kouki how is this going to operate because Takeru Shiroganae’s story ended with Muv Luv Option. Kouki didn’t give out extra specifics on that regard and didn’t precise if Takeru will be the protagonist or not. As a exciting note, they only asked Mafia Kajita to come for the stream, but didn’t inform him in advance what they’d announce. The stream wasn’t meticulously planned like the usual Japanese stream as well.

Having said that, Yoshimune Kouki explained how 1 of his greatest influences is Gundam‘s Tomino, and how he likes the well-liked thought that Turn A Gundam embraces all the preceding Gundam series. So Kouki wishes to do a related factor that integrates all of Muv Luv, therefore why the project is titled Muv Luv Integrate.

Kouki added though laughing that he does not know if Muv Luv Integrate will essentially release 1 day. He also spoke about how his friend  Matsumura Kazutoshi/Tororo, who was alongside him for the duration of the stream, told him he’d go as far as fund every thing himself to make the project doable.

Lastly, Mafia Kajita was also confirmed to be voicing a person in Muv Luv Integrate.

For now, Muv Luv Integrate has no official platforms or a release date estimate.

At the finish of the stream, âge also revealed a roadmap for future developments. One more stream will be coming just before the finish of 2019, with new info. âge will also seem at Comiket 97 at the finish of December. And even extra developments to come have been teased. Kouki also stated they want to release one thing that will encompass every thing âge did in 20 years, so we could possibly get some sort of “âge games compilation” quickly.

Ending the stream, every person present and Kouki thanks the fans for supporting them all these years and how he wishes to provide to answer that assistance.

We’ll cover the other announcements from the stream in separate articles coming quickly. The Muv Luv Integrate reveal component of the stream is linked at the timestamp beneath.


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