Marvel’s Avengers Chose Kamala Khan As the Protagonist Simply because She’s “A Super Relatable Character”


“She’s a fan of the Avengers like the complete planet is,” explains producer Rose Hunt.


Lately, Crystal Dynamics unveiled that Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, will be amongst the main playable characters in their upcoming Marvel’s Avengers. Not only that, she’s supposedly the protagonist of the complete game. It is a bold and intriguing move, and 1 that spells thrilling items for the story, but what precisely was it that prompted that selection?

Speaking to IGN, senior producer Rose Hunt explained that Crystal Dynamics went with Khan as the protagonist of the game due to the fact she is, substantially like them (and several of us) a big fan of the Avengers, and her character in common produced her a fantastic match, on account of her getting an very relatable character.

“When Marvel brought [Kamala Khan] up as a possibility for us, we have been super excited about her,” stated Hunt. “Because she’s a fan girl like us. She’s a fan of the Avengers like the complete planet is, so we believed that she would be a super relatable character to be our protagonist.”

Far more importantly, owing to the reality that Khan is a quite new addition to Marvel’s roster of characters and heroes in the comics, Crystal Dynamics felt they would have a lot much more freedom to discover her in intriguing techniques. 1 of the techniques they decided to do that was to primarily make the game an origin story for her as Ms. Marvel.

“And yet another benefit of her is that she does not have 80 years of history, like Captain America or some of the other other Avengers,” Hunt added. “And that makes it possible for us to basically inform much more of an original story with her, due to the fact her story has just begun, and we can make on that in pretty intriguing techniques.”

I’m inclined to agree with that, personally. Crystal Dynamics’ selection to include things like Khan in a major part is an thrilling 1, and it assists them carve out a one of a kind identity for the game in our at the moment Marvel-saturated pop culture society. She brings a thing new to the table, and I cannot wait to see how the game handles her.

You can get much more information on how she functions in the course of combat or how her costume appears by means of the hyperlinks. Marvel’s Avengers is out on Might 15, 2020 for the PS4, Xbox 1, Computer, and Stadia.


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