Lengthy lost unreleased game Kick-man for the Atari 2600 located and offered now!


Kick-man was created for the Atari 2600 back in 1983. Set to be published by CBS Electronics, the game was cancelled and in no way saw the light of the day. For all these years, it was in each and every Atari 2600 enthusiast wishlist. Following the old saying “better late than never”, and thanks to the efforts of Dutchman2000 and Thomas Jentzsch, the game was lastly located and released on Atariage.

Released initially as Arcade by Midway, Kick-man gameplay consists of the player controlling a clown in a unicycle back and forth to catch falling balloons on his head. If you miss 1, you nonetheless have a possibility to kick it back up and attempt once more.

Dutchman2000 explains the game plays wonderful in the emulators Z26 and Stella, and for Stella, you have to have Phosphor enabled in the video settings.

You can download the BIN file following the hyperlink under.

Download: Kick-man
Supply: Atariage


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