How Mitt Romney Could Have Kept His Pierre Delecto Twitter a Secret


On October 20, the Atlantic published a profile on Mitt Romney, in which the Utah Senator admitted to obtaining a secret Twitter account. Slate’s Ashley Feinberg, who had previously unmasked James Comey’s anonymous Twitter, speedily went to operate and identified Romney as tweeter Pierre Delecto.

Far be it from me to make Feinberg’s sleuthing a lot more tough, but the two had some commonalities that helped her track down their accounts. If you are in the public eye but want to retain some social media private, right here are some suggestions to retain it secret.

Do not adhere to your relatives 

This was Romney’s greatest error. It was by investigating his granddaughter’s almost 500 followers that Feinberg was capable to locate Pierre Delecto, and from there, the proof only piled up. “The Pierre Delecto account’s pretty initially adhere to was eldest Romney scion Tagg,” according to Feinberg. She traced James Comey by means of comparable indicates. Trail of breadcrumbs, thy name is the household adhere to.

Do adhere to a mix of people 

Delecto did adhere to a quantity of late evening hosts (no Stephen Colbert, even though) but mainly stuck to politicians, pundits, and reporters. But this is your secret identity! Possibly take the chance to find out about a new field. Cheese Twitter, historian Twitter, teacher Twitter, branch out and find out some thing new. Also, portion of why Feinberg was capable to uncover Comey’s identity is he followed the College of William &amp  Mary, his alma mater. Possibly if he’d followed a couple of a lot more colleges, it would’ve muddied the water a bit.

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Do not just tweet about oneself

As Pierre, Romney only tweeted 10 occasions, all replies. They weren’t all about himself, but most of them had been. If your alter-ego is obsessed with your true identity, it is only a matter of time prior to you will be caught. Possibly also tweet about basketball or your thoughts on the Cats trailer.

Choose a great pic

Not going to lie, leaving Twitter’s default silhouette is not a terrible selection. It tends to make you blend in amongst all the other random accounts. But if you do want to showcase a tiny character, decide on some thing that cannot be conveniently related with you. Do you like Succession? Make your icon Buster Bluth from Arrested Improvement — it is tangentially associated to your tastes, but not specifically the identical factor you speak about incessantly in the true planet.

Do not send images of oneself

This was a single of Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger’s a lot of blunders, but the truth that he did so to underage girls tends to make his behavior vile and criminal.

Make up a (great) random name

There’s a Mary Higgins Clark book exactly where the key character has to go into hiding but cannot resist playing squash when she settles into her new identity. Once more, sticking to old habits will be your downfall. James Comey’s secret Twitter alias was Reinhold Niebuhr, a theologian whom the former CIA director had written his thesis about. Come(y) on! That is way also apparent in the age of Google. On the flipside, Pierre Delecto is not clearly Romney, but it is not a cool nickname, either. If you cannot consider of something on your personal, use a random name generator.

Be good

I cannot guarantee you will not be caught, so if you are, you want to make certain you are not getting a total jerk, even when you consider no a single is watching. Dance upon the keys like your tweets will a single day be chronicled, a single by a single, in the Washington Post.

Make certain you switch accounts

This is a lesson from a lot of a social media specialist, whose worst worry is accidentally tweeting some thing from a brand account when they meant to do it from their private account. Verify twice, tweet when.

Just use lists?

If you are just going to lurk and not tweet, you can build a private Twitter list of persons you want do not want to publicly adhere to. Possibly you want to retain tabs on a nemesis. You do not need to have a complete new account just add them to a secret, hate-adhere to list.

Retain it secret

Pierre had only eight followers, and as Feinberg notes, they do not look to be the random assortment a seldom-tweeter could possibly garner. Rather, a single follower also followed other Romney household members. This is your secret account. You do not need to have to beg your good friends and loved ones to adhere to you.

Make it private 

If you do not want to be discovered, then you can make it a lot more tough (even though not not possible) to retain your secret identity hidden by creating your account private.

Possibly get a journal as an alternative? 

Well-known persons have feelings, also. If you consider your response to Soledad O’Brien is also petty to be stated publicly, perhaps just create it down offline.

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