Get in touch with Of Duty: Modern day Warfare Will not Have Prestige Method


Activision has confirmed that the upcoming Get in touch with of Duty: Modern day Warfare will be swapping out its longstanding Prestige technique in favour of a thing completely new.

Sharing the news on its official weblog, Activision writes that Modern day Warfare will have Enlisted Ranks (1-55) which can be progressed by means of by finishing matches and a variety of challenges. Undertaking so will unlock a variety of perks, Killstreaks, gear and upgrades.

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Credit: Activision

Alongside the above image, Activision writes: “Rank up by means of the Enlisted Ranks (1-55) to unlock base weapons, perks, gear, Killstreaks, and Field Upgrades.

“Rank up your weapons individually even though the weapon progression technique. Achieve knowledge for each and every weapon to earn attachments and base camouflage patterns, and total camo challenges to total camo sets.”

Credit: Activision

Speaking of Seasons inside the game, Activision adds: “Begin your Season of Officer Ranks, exactly where you will obtain an Officer Challenge at each and every rank top up to five-Star Common (Rank 100). Finishing each and every challenge rewards a ribbon. Earning 10 ribbons awards an Emblem, and all 100 ribbons offers you an even far more badass Emblem.”

At the finish of a Season, Activision has confirmed that the Officer Rank is reset, even though Enlisted Rank will not be.

Credit: Activision

As for your simple player XP, that can be earned “through playing the game, finishing Each day Challenges, Officer Challenges, Camo Challenges, and Challenge Missions multi-step objectives that give even far more rewards upon completion.”

Activision promises a “number of seasons packed with tons of absolutely free content material.”

Credit: Activision

Phew. Got all that? No? Effectively you can obtain out all the information more than on the Activision weblog appropriate right here.

With just a couple of far more days till launch, Get in touch with of Duty: Modern day Warfare is nevertheless set to come to be one particular of the most significant video game launches of 2019.

Get in touch with of Duty: Modern day Warfare is (lastly!) releasing on PlayStation four, Xbox One particular and Computer on October 25.

Featured Image Credit: Activision


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