EL-K : Electronic Essential Head Man


Get prepared to play this retro inspired adventure. It is all about the vibrant neon lights and operating about. Play Totally free right now!

EL-K : Electronic Essential Head Man is an adventure game exactly where you go seeking for keys to open the finish door. Your head is the holder of keys and you need to have to arrange the keys in the proper order to open the door. 

EL-K is a sidescroller form game exactly where you need to have to uncover all the crucial components. There are crates to move about. You will need to have to uncover the proper location to place the crates so you can jump to secrete spots. There are modest doors you can open with various colour crucial components. 

EL-K also has stars to gather, but you will need to have to uncover secret passageways to get them all. The stars are not quick to get. You could possibly be seeking for hours, but it will be an arcade adventure like you haven’t played ahead of.

Also, want platformer wouldn’t be comprehensive without the need of double jump to enable you navigate the spikes? Spikes are terrible! There are also platforms that disintegrate, so a single jump on them is fine, but the second jump is the finish of the platform. 

EL-K : Electronic Essential Head Man is a game worth exploring. You will devote several hours placing your crucial head collectively to unlock the subsequent door. Have exciting and play Totally free right now!


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