Doraemon Story of Seasons Is A Cutesy Ride Down A Lazy River


The history of the Story of Seasons series has come to be increasingly confusing more than the years. Initially known as Harvest Moon, the series correctly split in two back in 2012. Natsume continued to create their personal games below the Harvest Moon name, and Marvelous continued the original series under the Story of Seasons moniker. Now Doraemon Story of Seasons is coming along to throw the common planet of Doraemon into the mix. Combining two immensely common Japanese franchises below a single roof to attempt and make them far more well-known in the West is an exciting method. Will Doraemon Story of Seasons meet with significantly good results? Let’s take a appear.

The blend of cutesy anime aimed at kids and the relaxed atmosphere of the major series is promptly apparent. From the get-go, the major character lounges about a rural location, dreaming of a relaxed summer season. Soon after a beautifully animated opening cutscene, Noby and his buddies catapult into a magical planet. They obtain themselves trapped in this strange spot, forced to operate along with the rest of the kids in the location by the strange and cruel mayor. Soon after scouting the location for operate, Noby establishing his personal farm, beginning the game in earnest.

That description may make the intro appear like a speedy affair, but I can guarantee you it is something but. There have been two hours involving pressing commence and essentially receiving to farm adequately. Most of that time requires meeting all the townsfolk and finding out several mechanics. Fortunately, it is all skippable on repeated playthroughs, but even this can be a discomfort thinking of how many sections you will need to skip by way of. Thankfully, after you happen to be by way of the intro, you happen to be fairly significantly left to go at your personal pace.

Doraemon Story of Seasons‘ Slow Get started

Doraemon Story of Seasons - Farming
You may assume it is weird for the game to give you a giant golden statue of Doraemon…You’d be ideal if you believed that.

Beyond the overarching storyline, Doraemon: Story of Seasons functions precisely as you may count on. You devote your time tending land completely at your personal pace as you slowly build up a enormous farm. Along the way, you gather sources to upgrade buildings, meet with townspeople to get to know them greater and can fritter away your spare time in the evenings with bug-catching, fishing or a plethora of other laid-back activities. If you have ever played a Story of Seasons or Harvest Moon game in your life then you happen to be going to be fairly significantly at dwelling right here straight away.

Tending crops basically involves planting them, watering them and ultimately harvesting them just after they are grown. You are provided all the tools you will will need from the outset, and making use of them is fairly easy all round. In contrast to previous Story of Seasons games, you can not go about making use of your tools flippantly. You can only activate any provided tool when you happen to be standing by an proper plant or other products. This technique is terrific since it prevents you from wasting stamina with accidental bouts of destruction. Managing your stamina is super significant because you use it for all the things from crop management to cleaning up and mining. 

Stamina also added benefits from a new ‘napping’ function. Particular enterprises and events only take spot at particular instances of the day. In addition, it is challenging to squeeze all the things you want to do into a single stamina bar. Fortunately, you can nap anytime and wherever you want. As nicely as recovering your stamina and permitting for far more activities without having wasting a day, this also enables you to wake up at a particular time. Cutting down on the quantity of time spent waiting out the clock is a further terrific addition, which only tends to make it much easier to devote hours and hours playing. 

Social Graces in Doraemon Story of Seasons

Doraemon Story of Seasons - Social Meeting
You never want to know what the subsequent words out of his mouth have been…

The Doraemon dressing mostly impacts character style and the plot. Don’t forget, you happen to be not just aiming to run a terrific farm, you happen to be also attempting to get dwelling. The storm you have been all swept up in caused Doraemon to lose all his futuristic gadgets so you have to attempt and obtain them. The major driving force behind the plot is finding these devices, with every single one getting you closer and closer to discovering your way dwelling. Most of the time they’ve fallen into the hands of various men and women about town. Finding the gadgets back essentially requires becoming buddies with various villagers.

Your relationships with other men and women are the major way of measuring progression. Every single particular person comes with a sort of ‘relationship’ meter which you can verify using your menu. To make the bar go up you just will need to make positive you speak to them when you notice them walking about town, and attend social events. Of course, it does not hurt to throw a present in their faces from time-to-time either. Your relationships never appear to decay either which is a sensible move. You are fairly significantly free of charge to pursue any objective you like without having the major plot receiving in the way. Of course, you will typically obtain the plot furthering just by the day-to-day living of your life. 

Hopefully, Doraemon Story of Seasons will support to introduce far more men and women to the Doraemon manga series. Though it is massively prosperous in Japan, it has had a difficult time producing headway in the west. Fortunately, Doraemon Story of Seasons is a great match. The cute character styles and soft colour pallets of the characters mix nicely with a game all about a relaxing life lived at your personal pace. Although they never do significantly to essentially introduce the characters and their backstories, the tone is quite light-hearted, and I have no doubts that this entry in the series will make new fans of Doraemon out of lots of men and women who attempt the game out.

Doraemon Story of Seasons | A Promising Get started

Doraemon Story of Seasons - Opening Cutscene
The opening cutscene appears like it may as nicely have been taken from the anime itself. 

All round, Doraemon Story of Seasons does precisely what it sets out to do. Effectively replicating the Story of Seasons formula wrapped up in a Doraemon skin. Not only retaining the laid back attitude which the series is well-known for, this new installment utilizes the soft visuals of the anime to give the complete game a new coat of paint, producing it really feel fresher than any other current entries have accomplished. Although the intro may place you to sleep, after it is accomplished you happen to be left absolutely to your personal devices. Just make positive you retain up your social life if you strategy on ever ‘finishing’.

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