Death Stranding: PlayStation launches special ‘experience’ to celebrate hyped Hideo Kojima game ahead of release date


PlayStation is running a special, mysterious “Death Stranding” experience to celebrate the release of the game.

The event, which will run for just five days, will be made up of a “unique experience that draws on the environments of the game”.

PlayStation gave few details of what the event will actually include. The game itself remains largely mysterious – with questions still remaining over what players actually do – and so does the event.

As part of it, however, players will be able to meet the game’s creator, Hideo Kojima. That will last only half an hour, and be available on a first come basis.

The experience will be open in the UK on 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10 November. The meet and greet will happen on 2 November, when the experience opens, and last between 11.30am and 1.30pm.

Fans will also be able to purchase “limited edition Kojima Productions and DEATH STRANDING merchandise”, PlayStation said.

The immersive experience will be held at London’s Stables Market, in Camden.


Death Stranding is released on 8 November.

PlayStation describes it as being “set in the near future, where mysterious explosions have rocked the globe, setting off a series of supernatural events known as the Death Stranding. With otherworldly creatures plaguing the landscape, and mass extinction imminent, it’s up to Sam Porter Bridges to travel across the ravaged wasteland and save humanity from impending annihilation.”

Many of the unusual elements that have already emerged from the game – such as its babies who live in glowing yellow pods – will presumably be included within the immersive experience.


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