Darksiders Genesis coming to Nintendo Switch next February



THQ Nordic has unveiled the release date for the console version of the leading down action title Darksiders Genesis. The adventure game, which appears a small unique than we are made use of to with the Darksiders series, will be released 14th February 2020. THQ Nordic also released a new trailer for the game which you can watch right here.

Darksiders Genesis functions the debut of the fourth and final Horseman – Strife– who can battle alongside his brother and fellow Horseman War in the 1st ever Darksiders two-player co-op mode. Solo players will be in a position to alternate among Strife and War on the fly, taking benefit of Strife’s ranged and War’s melee style attacks. Each characters can develop up a particular attack meter that, when activated, temporarily turns them into a colossal creature that leaves epic destruction in its wake.


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