BioShock Creator’s Subsequent Game Appears To Be An Immersive Sim, Per Job Listing


Appears the game could be BioShock or some thing related.

It is tough to think, but it is now been more than six years given that the final entry in the BioShock series, BioShock Infinite, released. The game released to vital acclaim and good sales, but it appears the series has not very located its footing given that then given that, in spite of continued rumors, a new game in the franchise hasn’t materialized. Properly, the original creator of the franchise is tough at perform on some thing, and it appears currently we got a hint by way of a job listing.

Ken Levine’s studio (as soon as known as Irrational Games, now renamed to Ghost Story Games) have been operating on a secret project for a fantastic although, and currently a listing popped up for Cinematic Narrative Scripter. Inside the description, it says they are hiring for an “ambitious” game in the immersive sim genre.

You can debate no matter whether or not BioShock counts as an immersive sim. Some men and women feel it is, other people feel the immersive sim components are as well light. Could the subsequent game from Ghost Story Games ultimately be the BioShock revival we’ve been waiting on, or a new complete on immersive sim? Only time will inform.


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