Are Some SD Cards “Louder” Than Other people?


Firebrandx has just posted an exciting discovery on his Patreon web page and I wanted to post his findings right here (with his permission):

In most ODE’s (Optical Drive Emulators) and ROM Carts, it is typical to hear a “buzzing” sound when the SD card is becoming accessed.  It is most usually noticed when there’s silence in the game, as there’s no other sound coming from your speakers to mask it.  This never ever bothers most folks working with ROM carts, as the sound only happens as soon as as the game loads, even so some ODE’s are frequently accessing the SD card throughout gameplay.

In FBX’s testing, he recorded audio of the SD access and confirmed the rumors that a certain model Transcend MicroSD card (linked beneath) can be “quieter” than the additional generally utilized SanDisk cards.  I place quieter in quotes, as right after hearing the comparison myself (admittedly via my crappy laptop speakers), it seemed the volume was about the exact same, but the access noise of the Transcend cards was at a decrease and substantially significantly less painful pitch.  The finish outcome is nevertheless significantly less noise even though, but I’d nevertheless like to know why.  Is it a study speed concern?  Shielding on the card itself?

For now, I’m sticking with my usual SanDisk Intense cards, as I’ve been working with these on my ROM carts considering the fact that my very first and I haven’t had a single a single fail.  I’ll attempt out the Transcend’s as quickly as I get a opportunity even though!

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