Why Attending Conventions Like EGX is Great For the Soul


At the moment London right here in the UK is abuzz with video games. The annual celebration of the video game business is popping off in the ExCel centre – that is suitable it is EGX time.

We’re in attendance this year which means if you are there you can get some hands-on time with Pride Run, Skybolt Zack, ShockRods, or you can just quit by and say hello. 

But possibly you are not there, possibly you are asking ‘Alex, why should really I care about gaming conventions? Why would I bother?’ Nicely, firstly, I commend your audacity. Secondly, here’s why you should really give a damn about gaming conventions like EGX, and why they’re definitely great for the soul.

five. It is great to be bounced about in the Brownian motion of society

We could do all our purchasing on the online. We could go to college at property. We could do our jobs in our pyjamas, and usually we could want to do these points for our sanity or overall health. But it definitely is commonly great to be out and about amongst other individuals at least when you can. Conventions like EGX are an perfect location to just get out for a bit, meet some people today, or do not. It is up to you.

four. Everyone’s there for 1 explanation

Conversations are simpler at conventions like EGX, due to the fact everyone’s there for 1 explanation. Saw a game you like? Excited about one thing? Nicely, so are they. Everyone’s got a story or a issue they want to speak about, and so as an alternative of spending time on compact speak, you can go straight to Massive Speak about points you adore and points you are excited for.

three. Video Games are wonderful

Let’s not underestimate this: video games are definitely excellent. Receiving to go to a location and play and see games that are not out but, or even ones that are old and getting played on retro systems is just brilliant. You adore games, the convention organisers adore games, everybody there loves games. 

two. Persons do not match into 1 mould

You have noticed the stereotypes. Gamers are male shut-ins wearing 1999-era Matrix leather coats. But, go to a gaming convention like EGX, and you will see just how stupid and out of date that stereotype is. Gamers come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages. Yes of course there’ll be a couple of nascent Neos walking about, but that is just 1 sort of gamer, you will see so lots of that you will realise ‘gamer’ is a tag that just applies to what you do, not who you are.

1. It is a respite from negativity

The world’s a lot at times. Disasters, each all-natural and manmade ravage the planet, political unrest is tearing nations and communities asunder, and frankly points are just a bit rubbish most of the time. But at a gaming convention, that stops at the door. Absolutely everyone is there to just see one thing new, see one thing they adore, and it is genuinely refreshing to soak up that atmosphere. 

Gaming conventions like Gamescom, EGX, Rezzed, or PAX can be highly-priced, tiring, and busy. But they’re also great for the soul, they’re energising, they recharge your adore of gaming and can give you a new outlook on these who game alongside you.
What’s your favourite convention, or are you nonetheless just not interested in them? Let us know in the comments under, or head on more than to our forum to join in the conversation.


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