The Elder Scrolls six Petition: Please Bethesda, Place This Character In The Game


Dear Bethesda,

At E3 2018 you revealed that you are creating Elder Scrolls VI, a new entry in the considerably loved Skyrim line of video game item. You showed us subsequent to absolutely nothing, but every person nevertheless lost their dang minds. And who could blame them? The *NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ACTUAL GAME* trailer gave fans a short appear at a planet they have so considerably invested in. The rousing orchestral rendition of the Elder Scrolls theme conjured memories of their fondest instances with the franchise: filling a space complete of cheese wheels, speaking to a dog, turning dragons into Macho Man Randy Savage.

What we do know about it comes from Todd Howard himself, and it really is that it really is likely going to be some time till the game is prepared for us to play. Howard stated it really is “not coming anytime quickly” and, “I do not even know what the planet is going to be like when it comes out.”

It may well appear extra like Fallout if we’re not cautious, am I appropriate people?

Anyway, it really is clear the game is nevertheless early in improvement, which suggests this is the excellent time for us, the gamers–the fans–to get our requests in … Mainly because that is surely how game improvement operates.

My request is a basic one particular and it requires like a character that has come to be essential to fantasy fiction. A figure that transcends intellectual properties and franchises to come to be element of the tapestry of the genre, as essential as swords and shields, magic and mysticism, tiny cheese wheels and major cheese wheels. I am, of course, speaking about the terrific and highly effective Potion Seller.

For these who are not maintaining up with all the contemporary greats in the fantasy genre, Potion Seller is a character developed by Justin Kuritzkes for his magnum opus, a seminal piece of fantasy fiction titled, “Double U, Double U, Double U Dot YouTube Dot Com Forward Slash Watch Query Mark V Equals R Underscore FQU4KzN7A.” The beloved story focuses on a single conversation amongst a knight and a merchant promoting potions.

Though the scale of the story may perhaps be tiny, what it depicts is nevertheless impactful. The knight, preparing to go into battle, asks for the Potion Seller’s “strongest potions,” to which the Potion Seller responds by rebuking his request. His potions, as it turns out, are also powerful for the knight, according to the seller, and hence the knight would not be capable to deal with them.

The knight, exerting what ever authority he has, attempts to press on, demanding that the Potion Seller give him his “strongest potions” as soon as once again. “My strongest potions will kill you, traveler, you can not deal with my strongest potions,” he replies. In this moment, the message behind the story becomes clear. You see, in the eyes of the Potion Seller, the knight is just a different particular person, a “traveler.” What ever accolades the knight has gathered in battle hence far are not essential, for the seller, the energy of his potions are all that matter and it is his duty to guarantee that they are only offered to these he has self-assurance in … for their personal fantastic.

“YOU Greater GO TO A SELLER THAT SELLS WEAKER POTIONS,” says Potion Seller, attempting to make the knight see sense.

The knight, taken back by the Potion Sellers unwavering morals and values, arrogantly asserts himself as soon as once again. “I am telling you appropriate now,” he starts, “I am going into battle, and I require only your strongest potions.” The arrogance of the knight becomes clear. This is a story about hubris and how it can be the undoing of even the most self-assured heroes.

“MY STRONGEST POTIONS WOULD KILL A DRAGON, LET ALONE A MAN,” the Potion Seller clapeth back. “YOU Have to have A SELLER, THAT SELLS WEAKER POTIONS … mainly because my potions ARE Also Sturdy.” The knight’s desperate pleas are cast aside, “YOU Cannot Deal with MY STRONGEST POTIONS. NO One particular CAN!!!!!!!! MY STRONGEST POTIONS ARE Match FOR A BEAST LET ALONE A MAN.”

In this moment, it becomes clear that “Double U, Double U, Double U Dot YouTube Dot Com Forward Slash Watch Query Mark V Equals R Underscore FQU4KzN7A” is also the story of how these that the masses would dismiss as a lowly member of society–a mere potion seller–can wield strength even higher than champions of the realm.

He may perhaps be branded “a rascal with no respect for knights” but, in the end, the Potion Seller stuck to his convictions. He respected the energy of his potions and, in the face of a would-be hero, he stuck up for himself, begging the query: Who was the genuine hero?

Answer: It's the Potion Seller
Answer: It really is the Potion Seller

In The Elder Scrolls VI, what ever it may perhaps come to be, players will inevitably be cast as the hero and go on a journey to save the lands, untangle political turmoil, and come to be a legendary figure for the peoples of the lands to sing songs about and deify. But there is also an chance to make the tiny characters count, to remind adventurers that, although they may perhaps be on a quest to determine the fates of quite a few, other folks have their personal destinies, be it collecting wheels of cheese or picking out who to sell potions to.

And who improved to remind men and women about this than arguably the most essential representation of the tiny-guy-standing-up-for-himself fantasy archetype, the Potion Seller. He deserves to be in The Elder Scrolls VI. He is also essential to fantasy fiction not to be. To that finish, we at GameSpot have developed a petition to urge Bethesda to attain out to acclaimed author Justin Kuritzkes and bring Potion Seller to The Elder Scrolls VI. Please sign and help this noble bring about.

Thank you,

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