Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands Overview (PS4)


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A extended ocean voyage to a distant snowy land gets off to a disastrous starting when a storm scuppers your plans and leaves you washed up on a tropical island. You will need to have to come across your crew, make a small base camp, discover, and attempt to come across a way to escape.

One particular of the 1st points you will notice in Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands is that you have an power meter, and just about every action you take, which includes just walking about, will start off to drain it. Fortunately it is fairly uncomplicated to replenish your power — you just need to have to consume meals or go to sleep. And even if you do run out of power in the middle of nowhere the game does not punish you as well badly — all that’ll occur is you will collapse but then wake up back at camp. It is a bit annoying if you are attempting to discover someplace far away, but thankfully not the finish of the globe.

Appear previous your restricted power and there are some really uncomplicated minigames for you to get stuck into. There is a rhythm primarily based fishing game, tending a small garden, and discovering new recipes by deciding on the appropriate components. You can also cook a significant pot of stew for the crew which raises your reputation this rewards you with enhanced tools and new tips of points to make for the camp. There is fundamental combat, as well ghostly pirates can effortlessly be taken out with a couple of swipes of your sword.

In truth, every little thing from the art style to the storyline is pretty uncomplicated, but that is not necessarily a negative point. Even although we ran into the occasional bug (practically nothing that couldn’t be fixed by rebooting), this is a exciting game if you just want to unwind with some thing good and uncomplicated.


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