Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order interview – how Respawn integrated exploration into a combat-initially lightsaber game


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is not a straight-up melee action game, rather featuring open-ended planets packed with secrets and Metroid-style exploration. Here’s some of the people from Respawn explaining how that came to be.

Jedi: Fallen Order is not precisely the clear film franchise spin-off game you’d count on. It’d be straightforward just to make one more Star Wars action game exactly where you hack and slash your way via linear levels as an more than-powered Jedi – but developer Respawn is aiming to do one thing unique with this game. These variations had been pleasantly surprising, as detailed in our lengthy Fallen Order hands-on impressions – such as a map and planet style that appears to owe at least a small to Metroid, puzzles that could’ve been in Tomb Raider and even a death mechanic that closely resembles the Soulsborne Bonfire program.

Right after our hands-on, we got the chance to sit down with some of the enormous group behind the game – narrative lead Aaron Contreras and lead level designer and Jeff Magers. Here’s our chat with them, exactly where we touch on level style, character energy levels and the approach behind picking which Star Wars planets to pay a visit to.

VG247: What was your method in improvement to get to the sort of style you have? Going into the game, primarily based on the men and women involved, I’d anticipated it’d be a pure action game, y’know? But then you get in and it is sort of… Metroid-ish? How did that come about – and how does it effect points on the narrative style side?

Jeff Magers: When approaching level style, we just want to make a game that we wanna play from an exploration viewpoint. I truly like exploration in games – I like re-traversing planets that you have been to prior to. We believed that this sort of structure of game truly match nicely with our core tenant of ‘becoming a Jedi’ and this sort of hero’s journey, and expanding as a character all through the game.

When you are going via the game early, you are seeing that you are blocked off from specific regions. You can not get almost everything. But as you achieve new powers and skills, Cal can now overcome obstacles that had been previously stopping him from exploring totally.

Aaron Contreras: Yeah, it is absolutely additional complex. It produced my job tougher! But that is really exactly where Jeff and I and our teams have focused on collaborating in Fallen Order – it is wedding this style that requires a lot of re-traversal, a lot of secrets, a lot of gates, a lot of sort of exploring and truly engaging with the planet in order to get additional reward out of it – with a regular cinematic Star Wars story. Producing these two points operate collectively has possibly been for me a single of the most satisfying components of operating on this project.

VG247: What’s it been like attempting to balance the openness – I notice you could leave a planet prior to you are completed with it to pay a visit to one more, and I noticed lots of secrets I’d seemingly want to come back with additional powers to choose up…

Aaron Contreras: I consider we have to be incredibly cautious about exactly where we preserve you from proceeding forward on the crucial path and why. We’re also incredibly intentional at specific points about attempting to nudge the player – about like, okay, possibly it is a great time to go discover, or go back to a spot you have been prior to and possibly there’s additional secrets there.

It is truly informed how we do encounter style, how we do AI voice-over… since you will be going back via these places once more planet states may well alter, the empire may well be there exactly where they weren’t there prior to – and that plays into the sort of dialogues you will have. You may well have noticed there’s optional conversations you can have with your crew members… all these sort of points are aspect and parcel of providing the player the chance to engage as they want to as they move via the planet.

Jeff Magers: When we initially began operating on this game, we truly began with the lightsaber initially and foremost. Stig Asmussen, our game director, directed God of War three, so our group had sort of this melee background and pedigree. When we got the chance to operate on a Star Wars game, we initially believed of the lightsaber, of course. It is sort of a game designer’s dream to make a lightsaber game.

So that is exactly where we began, and we truly wanted to get that feeling ideal, and then at Respawn we’re truly gameplay initially in a lot of approaches. Of course this is a Star Wars game with an genuine Star Wars story – the narrative is exceptionally significant, and we’re also driven by that, but we truly wanted it to really feel truly great to discover these levels and these planets. Component of that, I consider, is player agency. Component of it is traversal on the sticks and it feeling truly responsive, and then aspect of it is, y’know, a player sort of unraveling these worlds.

VG247: Of course when you have a character with skills like a Jedi, well… they’re bloody highly effective. So what’s it like attempting to style, each narratively and in gameplay terms, for a character that can be so highly effective? Honestly, I bear in mind a major trouble I had with The Force Unleashed was basically feeling as well highly effective, which led to a sort of dissonance… so how do you stay clear of that?

Jeff Magers: Going back to when we initially began coming up with the lightsaber combat, we truly wanted it to really feel authentically like a lightsaber. So what that meant for us was killing a stormtrooper in a single hit. So that is exactly where we began, but in a melee game it does not usually really feel the greatest to just mow via everybody with a single hit as you can really feel as well overpowered.

So that is exactly where we bring in the block meter so you can locate windows of chance to take down an enemy with a single hit, but also if you just go in and swing your lightsaber they’ve got counters to that. We’ve also introduced a lot of creatures that have thicker skin and can narratively justify taking additional hits. The game is truly about becoming a Jedi, so it is beginning from the bottom and creating your self up to develop into incredibly highly effective.

Aaron Contreras: Cal is our hero, and he’s a Padawan who survived Order 66. He’s not all the way there but. He’s not a master when the game opens. So this is truly a hero’s journey of somebody who is coming from a incredibly rocky starting, he’s had a traumatic previous, he’s got a tough partnership with the force, which he has to overcome some challenges with himself and his belief all through the course of the game… that is sort of wedded into our gameplay story and our progression story as properly – as Cal grows in this story, the player grows and Cal’s skills develop all through the course of the game.

VG247: When you are coming up with and designing that, what are the conversations with LucasFilm and Disney like… there was a point exactly where the lore was just crazy, filled with super-highly effective characters, but then the extended universe got reset. Did you have conversations with them about what Cal could and couldn’t be, and how highly effective he may well be in relation to Luke and Rey and the like?

Aaron Contreras: Acquiring a space for Cal as a Jedi in the pantheon of other Jedi, ideal? You have Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Qui Gon, Rey – I can name them all, but I will not! It was much less about energy in the conversation… clearly energy is a point which is incredibly distinct to video games. You can create a character to do what ever you want in a film, and then the subsequent scene they can do one thing else. In a game you sort of give that agency to the player and have them recognize that fantasy, so it is a small bit additional of an intentional point you are undertaking.

It was truly additional about discovering Cal’s story and producing him distinctive, if that tends to make sense. So, what’s his partnership with the force? Where’s he come from? Exactly where he going to? As quickly as we figured out what that arc was and had that resonate with men and women at LucasFilm and on the group, we knew we had been onto one thing specific.

VG247: You have got access to this complete wide lore – so how do you make the choices about exactly where you are going to go, be that original planets or locations we’ve noticed prior to?

Jeff Magers: Developing these planets is a super collaborative work across the complete group, from notion art to narrative, to level style to enemy style. We truly wanted to take each planets that you have noticed in other media, in other Star Wars properties, and also sort of carve out our personal planets as properly. They each come with distinctive challenges and strengths.

Operating on a planet that exists prior to, it demands to really feel genuine to what has occurred prior to on that planet, and men and women have a specific sort of thought of thoughts. Whereas on the brand new planets, it is about undertaking one thing completely new but producing it really feel genuine nevertheless inside the universe. That was a entertaining balancing act, undertaking sort of each of these.

Disclosure: This preview took spot at an occasion held by publisher EA, with travel and accommodation supplied.


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