Pokémon Go Halloween 2019 occasion guide: field analysis, rewards, and Shiny Pokémon


To celebrate the glorious vacation that is Halloween, a bunch of sweet spooky events are taking location in Pokémon Go.

From Oct. 17 till Nov. 1 at four p.m. ET, most ghost- and dark-form Pokémon will spawn, Pokémon wearing Halloween costumes will seem, and candy obtained from catching, hatching, and trading Pokémon will be doubled. Darkrai is also appearing for the initial time in tier 5 raids all through the occasion period and Spiritomb will be offered once again by way of its “A Spooky Message” Specific Investigation tasks.

Yamask, the Spirit Pokémon, is also releasing alongside its Shiny kind. The costumed Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmanders can also be caught Shiny for really fortunate players.

Yamask and Cofagrigus compared with their Shiny Pokémon Go forms

Niantic by way of Polygon

There will be unique Field Investigation for players to comprehensive that involve these spooky Pokémon as effectively.

Pokémon Go Halloween 2019 Field Investigation

Job Reward
Job Reward
Halloween: Catch five Gastly or Shuppet Sneasel encounter
Halloween: Catch 10 ghost-form Pokémon 1,000 Stardust
Halloween: Evolve three Drifloon or Stunky 1 Uncommon Candy
Halloween: Make three outstanding throws in a row Golett encounter
Halloween: Defeat a Group GO Rocket grunt Yamask encounter
Halloween: Take five snapshots of ghost-form Pokémon Sableye encounter

The double candy is a good way to stock up for effective Pokémon like Gengar, and paired with and improved spawn to ghost- and dark-sorts like Litwick, it is an outstanding time to nab and evolve some powerful Pokémon.


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