Monster Hunter Planet Iceborne Longsword Hierarchy of Capabilities


It’s time to wade by means of Monster Hunter Planet Iceborne’s plethora of capabilities and establish which ones are important. I’ll go over my thoughts on a couple of offensive, defensive, utility, and help capabilities for Longsword customers.

Monster Hunter Planet Iceborne Longsword Hierarchy of Capabilities

The Hierarchy of Capabilities refers to providing 1 ability a larger priority than yet another and it is some thing a lot of Hunters will come across themselves conflicted with. There are a number of capabilities that are superior than other individuals, but it is also essential we appear at these ability sorts which impacts their worth. Beneath you come across every ability sort listed grouped beneath Offensive, Defensive as properly Utility and Help Capabilities.

Offensive Associated Capabilities

Players can verify out all the achievable Capabilities on the wiki but for this piece I’ll be going more than capabilities that are talked about most. For most DPS meta builds its essential to run:

  1. Weakness Exploit
  2. Essential Enhance
  3. Essential Eye
  4. Handicraft
  5. Agitator
  6. Attack Enhance
  7. Peak Overall performance

Firstly, hunters want to raise their vital % by slotting Essential Enhance, Weakness Exploit, and Essential Eye. I could inform you to run the max level of every of them but it would be as well common. You want to hit 50% affinity prior to weakness exploit kicks in, so with it your affinity will be 80% and 100% when hitting weakspots and tenderized weakspots.

Following that, if your weapon requirements a lot more sharpness you will will need to slot in some Handicraft. Purple sharpness is kinda on the fence of worth because it needs a number of decorations commitment. Agitator is now run in sets due to the uptime of the ability, due to monsters’ prone to enraging. Attack Enhance comes in subsequent with peak functionality final due to its variable uptime.

These are the essential meta capabilities for most melee but in certain for Longswords at this time. Variety customers have a distinctive list of Capabilities they ought to prioritize like Accurate Essential Element/Essential Element, Elemental Attack Up (Water, Fire, Electric, Ice, Dragon), Stamina Surge, Constitution, Spread/Energy Shots to name a couple of.

Defensive Capabilities

Defensive capabilities split players into two camps:

  • “Just do not get hit”
  • “Defensive capabilities suck”

Yes, in theory if you by no means get hit, you do not will need any defensive capabilities. But, in practice players get hit, some a lot more than other individuals. It is up to the player to recognize if they fall beneath that category and if defensive capabilities can help them.

If utilizing Defensive capabilities, there are some capabilities that are superior than other individuals. For instance, Defense Enhance is hugely inefficient to run due to how harm is calculated. For every level of Defense Enhance it is superior to use Divine Blessing and Overall health Enhance. Each Overall health Enhance and Divine Blessing are usually located decorations particularly in level four decorations. You could see Recovery Up becoming use a lot more in meta sets due to builds possessing Peak Overall performance and Overall health Augment on weapons to strengthen the efficiency of these builds.

Utility &amp Help Capabilities

Earplugs is a ability that players like to have that most players generally give them flack for. Most will reply with “Just roll by means of the roars, foresight that stuff, position oneself superior, etc”. Though these replies are valid, occasionally the ideal guidance just does not click in spite of them attempting. So if you nevertheless want to run Earplugs then you need to have an understanding of what Capabilities you need to give up in order to have them in your construct. It could not be effective but if it prevents you from carting and failing the quest, I’ll be okay with it.

There are also “support” capabilities that lots of players are not as well keen on. Some say it promotes poor gameplay and is really generating negative habits for players. Though other individuals say everyone can heal with Lifepowder and Dust of Life so it tends to make help oriented teammates redundant. In the end, I’m not that thrilled to have a pure help because this is not an MMO, but becoming a versatile hybrid could function. Some capabilities that would assistance: Divine Blessing, Overall health Enhance, Cost-free Meal, Wide Variety, Speed Consuming, and if there is some space add offensive capabilities.


It is complicated to spot a certain worth on every ability unless we appear at them extremely narrowly and only go for the most optimal capabilities which are completed for meta sets. Some Capabilities are deemed superior than other individuals, whilst some synergize with other capabilities properly, and some are just kinda out there. It is up to the hunter to tailor capabilities to their playstyle and have some enjoyable with it.

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