Indie Retro News: Lynx Quest


Atari Lynx gamers you may possibly be interested in this news update, as we’ve just been provided the heads up by Saberman, that the action adventure game of ‘ Lynx Quest ‘, which was produced for 30th Lynx Competitors by AtariGamer, has been released as a 1.04 preview. Though the game can be downloaded as a preview version under, the group behind the game as New Generation is hoping to finalize the game by version 1.10.

As noted by the AtariGamer competitors.. Travel by way of 4 worlds, fighting enemies and eliminating the final bosses. This game is not 100% comprehensive however and at the moment you can play in the randomly generated worlds and fight random bosses. But a totally featured game with a story and progression arc is coming quickly!

In the final version of the game there really should be:
– four unique worlds
– four bosses
– chests with loot
– score technique
– completed UI
– complete map logic
– right level transitions (self explanatory, story will inform far more about it)
– dozen of unique enemies
– postprocess effects
– right gameplay loop)

Hyperlinks :1) Forum  2) Download .lnx 3) Download .lyx


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