Ikumi Nakamura Teases Ōkami Sequel by Hideki Kamiya


Former TangoGameWorks Inventive Director Ikumi Nakamura teased a sequel to the beloved 2008 action-adventure game Ōkami on twitter earlier these days. The sequel will bring back the original director, Hideki Kamiya, who will operate alongside Nakamura and PlatinumGames. Even though Nakamura and Kamiya seem quite enthusiastic about the project, we do not know considerably extra about it other than this brief video clip:

If you take the clip at face worth, it seems that Kamiya and Nakamura have been greenlit by Capcom to revive the IP and build a sequel to the game. Kamiya has been identified to talk about his plans for generating an Ōkami sequel, so his return to the franchise is not considerably of a surprise. And due to the fact Capcom is reportedly functioning on reviving new IPs, the sequel announcement is not as well suspect. Even so, doubts stay.

The original Ōkami was created by Clover Studio and released in 2008 by Capcom. The narrative focuses on the exploits of the Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu who, in the kind of a white wolf, saves the land from darkness. The game was nicely regarded for it is cel-shaded visuals and gesture method, and regardless of its poor sales, received wide vital acclaim. Ōkami was one particular of the final PlayStation two games released on the platform ahead of the launch of the PlayStation three, which led to its low sales. Even so, the game was brought back in 2017 for an HD re-release on PlayStation four, Xbox 1, and Nintendo Switch.

Because leaving Capcom and Clover Studio, Kamiya has gone on to co-discovered PlatinumGames with Shinji Mikami, and Atsushi Inaba. Prior to her operate with TangoGameWorks, Nakamura worked at PlatinumGames as a notion designer for Bayonetta. Her history with Kamiya goes additional than that, having said that, as she also worked on Ōkami back in 2007.


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