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Home Quantity 666 is a 2D Survival Horror game primarily based on the story of the unrest souls of serial killer and his victims, stuck in the Demon Home.

In 1980, the home was constructed by a Psychopath serial killer whose name had under no circumstances been exposed. In the course of the 1980s, he got involved with black magic and stuffs like summoning the Evil spirits. Every single month, he brought victims to his haunted home, presented human sacrifice to appease the Devil. In 1986, a girl named Ashley got kidnapped although she was returning dwelling from operate late at evening. The incident came to light quickly just after the media ran the story on the numerous news channels. A couple of days following the incident, the police searched by way of 666 Home and discovered the bodies of serial killer and the girl who got kidnapped along with extra victims whose bodies had been discovered in the basement. A single of them had been identified as John. But the explanation behind the death of the serial killer was unknown. The home ownership was transferred to a wealthy man known as Dan living in New Jersey. He was a skeptic and did not think in ghost stories. He came to his home to see if the rumors had been correct. It was mentioned that the spirits of victims like the spirit of the girl had been nevertheless present in the home. He of course did not think in it till he came face to face with the paranormal.

What takes place subsequent? Will he be capable to escape the Demon Home when he set foot inside?

Essential Functions:

  • Discover the Demon Home for the proof of the Paranormal.
  • Lots of spirits like the unrest souls of the serial killer’s victims.
  • Demons are lurking in the shadows.
  • Discover the attic and the basement, the hot spots of the paranormal activities.
  • Provide respect, flowers and assistance the spirits to cross more than to the other side.
  • Practically half an hour duration of the paranormal investigation.


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