Finest NES/SNES mixture clone console : retrogaming


Hi all. I am interested in shopping for a mixture nes/snes HDMI clone console the plays original cartridges (I do have a crt for my n64 but would like to play on my HDTV). Analogue’s FPGA consoles are not actually an solution spending budget sensible.

I’ve deemed the Hyperkin retron two hd, Retro bit super retro trio, Old skool classiq II hd and gamerz tek super HD two. I was questioning if one particular was greater than the other people.

I’ve looked at every thing i could uncover on youtube about these, but no one particular appears to examine them all.
I currently personal a SNES mini, but I do not want to deal with jailbreaking it.

Thank you for your time in advance !


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