DXVK 1.four.three released assisting games with a massive quantity of unique shaders


No doubt some of our readers will be in for a busy weekend testing, with a different release of DXVK now officially out there.

Developer Philip Rebohle place out DXVK 1.four.three this evening which adds in a new file format for the state cache, which need to give smaller sized files. The state cache from earlier versions of DXVK need to be converted automatically, so no manual work is expected.

Moreover, even a lot more overall performance is continuing to be squeezed out of this Vulkan layer for Wine as it has a reduction in CPU overhead. It was noted that it need to be of distinct advantage to these games that have a massive quantity of unique shaders. Frankly, I am amazed Rebohle can somehow nevertheless push the overall performance even additional.

On best of that, a handful of bug fixes had been added into the mix as well:

  • Fixed incorrect barriers in case graphics shaders create to UAVs.
  • Fixed incorrect MSAA sample positions getting reported to shaders.
  • Fixed some MSVC compiler warnings (#1218).

Obtain DXVK on GitHub.

Post taken from GamingOnLinux.com.


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