Durin’s Day returns to Lord of the Rings On the web


Even though the dark revels of Harvestmath are in complete swing in Lord of the Rings On the web, a second seasonal vacation has arrived in the game to entertain fans. Nowadays marks the return of Durin’s Day, a brief-lived occasion that remembers one particular of the crucial events of The Hobbit.

According to LOTRO Wiki, Durin’s Day “is a uncommon occasion as observed by the Longbeards the clan founded by Durin — the 1st day of the Dwarves New Year, when each the Sun and Moon could be noticed in the sky collectively.”

The occasion was 1st added to the game final year and consists of a quest, a deed, a title, and a unique memorial that displays glowing runes. Durin’s Day runs from nowadays by means of October 22nd.


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