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Outdoors of its extremely slow start off, Doraemon: Story of Seasons is a pleasant farming game that feels like a relaxing mix of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. The visual style and whimsical setting add to the relaxing atmosphere of the game, and the characters are enjoyable to engage with and develop closer to though raising animals and crops.

Doraemon: Story of Seasons
Developer: MARVELOUS!
Price tag: $50
Platform: Nintendo Switch (reviewed), and Computer
MonsterVine was supplied with a Switch code for critique.

For how massive Doraemon is in Japan, it is a bit surprising that this is the 1st completely localized game primarily based on the franchise to officially attain Western shores. Even much more surprising is the truth that it is a Story of Season’s installment, which is Harvest Moon by the persons who created Harvest Moon but with a diverse name, since of legal jargon. Regardless, Doraemon: Story of Seasons is right here, and outdoors of a bumpy start off and some slow periods, it is a enjoyable and relaxing time for all.

The story is simple: the titular Doraemon and his buddies (localized as Noby, Sneetch, Sue, and Massive G), come across a mysterious seed though functioning on their summer time projects. Upon becoming planted, the seed turns into an massive tree and creates a storm that carries the most important crew via space and time. Upon waking up, Doraemon and co. come across themselves in a strange rural town that appears to be straight out of the previous. Doraemon has lost all of his gadgets, which includes these that could get the group residence, which means they’ll have to stick it out in this new globe till they can come across a way back to their time.

And what superior way is there to pass the time than by farming, raising animals, catching bugs, fishing, and befriending just about every neighborhood? As Noby, Story of Seasons has no shortage of activities for you to partake in, with rotating seasons and an ongoing clock to maintain issues fresh. The only challenge is that it requires far as well lengthy to get to all the enjoyable, as the introduction and tutorials are slow-paced and go on for significantly longer than they ought to. Although the uncomplicated story has charm, I do not care sufficient about it to spend close consideration to it and its tutorials for as lengthy as Story of Seasons tends to make you. This pacing pops up on occasion later on as well, with things that really feel a bit as well high-priced and days that can really feel a bit repetitive. This is very uncommon although, so it is not practically as painful as the tutorial section.

You will not run out of issues to do in Story of Seasons, which is a important constructive for a longer and slower game like this.

As soon as you get to the enjoyable stuff, Story of Seasons can maintain you busy and content for very some time. Outdoors of increasing vegetables and flowers, you can obtain chickens, sheep, and cows to befriend and collect sources from. You can decorate your property with furnishings, or upgrade it to be bigger and complete of attributes, like cooking. Cooking lets you combine components to make meals that refills your stamina meter, or if you mess up a meal, sludge to give to a person as a sign of friendship. You can give fairly significantly something to any NPC in town in order to develop closer to them, which modifications how they speak to you and reveals much more of their stories. The entire town is complete of oddball characters, every single with their personal charm, which includes the characters from the show.

Even right after you get the hang of Story of Seasons, the upgradable tools, altering seasons, and plethora of town events maintain issues from feeling stale. Specific crops can only be grown in specific seasons, though diverse sorts of fish and bugs rotate with the seasons as nicely. Upgrading your tools lets you dig deeper into the mines to come across uncommon stones and fossils, or water your crops quicker to give you much more time to make buddies. If that is not sufficient, just about every week or so of in-game occasions supplies a new town occasion, like beetle racing or crop competitions, which can net you cool trophies to show as nicely as a feeling of actual pride and progression. You will not run out of issues to do in Story of Seasons, which is a important constructive for a longer and slower game like this.

The visuals and music in Story of Seasons are completely in-line with the tones of each Doraemon and Harvest Moon. Anything is colorful and fantastical to appear at, devoid of becoming overwhelming. The songs are catchy but soothing sufficient to lull into the background though you concentrate on increasing much more turnips than you know what to do with. I’d advise turning off the voices although, as Noby tends to make a shrill “eh” sound just about every time he does fairly significantly something, which can get painful as you chop away at trees or smash rocks for hours on finish.

The Final Word
Doraemon: Story of Seasons is a relaxing and charming farm-life game that suffers from a painfully slow start off. As soon as you get via the early content material although, it is a enjoyable and quick-going game that is great for unwinding.

MonsterVine Assessment Score: four out of five – Fantastic

Doraemon: Story of Seasons Assessment – Doraemon and Chill


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