Borderlands three has nerfed its most effective Legendaries and fixed up other individuals


Of the a single billion prospective guns in Borderlands three, handful of rise above the level of vendor trash. Some of the Legendary gear rises just a bit as well higher, Gearbox say, so they’ve stomped it down a bit and buffed other individuals to attain “an acceptable medium”. Which appears a bit of a shame. If Borderlands is a wacky game of reckless silly gunmurder, as Gearbox pretend, why not buff every thing to the highest level of daftness? Cowards. It is a cooperative game, not a competitive a single, COWARDS.

Gearbox explained in yesterday’s weblog post that they want to cease players getting pushed towards the handful of mega-effective products:

“Our purpose with Legendary gear is to allow a big assortment of playstyles and builds for all characters. Just after seeking by means of the information, we identified that that some pieces of Legendary gear have been significantly outperforming other individuals and felt they have been limiting builds rather of growing them. In addition, some of the harm output of Legendary gear restricted the development in combat engagements for the future so we tuned every thing to an acceptable median. We count on all Vault Hunters to be capable to make incredible builds and we want to assistance that with extra techniques to develop and attain these energy levels.”

They’ve notably hacked 25% off the Butcher’s accuracy and harm, decreased the Crossroad’s blast from four projectiles to three even though minimizing its accuracy, and reduce the Flakker’s harm by 33% as effectively as creating it spaff the whole magazine in a single shot. But they’ve also buffed a load of other guns by up to 40%. All player pets get 50% extra overall health as well, and the Digi-Clone a whopping 100% added overall health. This does sound… balanced. But it does not sound wacky (the cowards).

See the weblog post for complete specifics on the balance alterations, as effectively as explanations for some of the larger ones. The update launched final evening.

Borderlands three is this week hosting an Eridium-o-rama occasion, getting a entire lot extra generous with the uncommon currency.


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