The Galaxy S10’s Fingerprint Sensor Can Be Fooled by a Screen Protector


Samsung has confirmed reports the sophisticated ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus can be fooled by a straightforward film screen protector. Fortunately, Samsung has also stated it will push out a software program update to repair the problem as rapidly as doable.

The problem was initial raised in a report from the British newspaper, The Sun. According to that report, adding a straightforward film screen protector from eBay permitted any fingerprint to unlock one particular woman’s telephone — like her personal unregistered left thumbprint, her partner’s fingerprints, and even a relative’s prints.

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It is presently unclear precisely how the S10’s ultrasonic sensor is getting fooled by the screen protector, but it probably has a thing to do with how the scanner itself performs. In contrast to a standard optical fingerprint scanner, which optically matches a fingerprint, the S10’s sensor utilizes ultrasonic waves to detect a fingerprint in complete 3D, like the one of a kind depth of a print’s ridges. Such a system was assumed to be extra safe, with practically nothing significantly less than a 3D-printed fingerprint getting necessary to fool it previously.

It appears secure to assume that placing a barrier amongst the show and the print getting scanned causes some sort of malfunction in the scanner itself, and it appears probably that any Galaxy S10 screen protector would trigger the exact same reaction. When the S10 was initial released, a lot was created of screen protectors that worked with the new finger-scanning tech, with Samsung assisting accessory companies to make compatible protectors. Now, it appears unclear exactly where the ground lies — at least till the patch is released.

Samsung has warned customers with screen protectors to turn off the fingerprint scanner and move to a diverse unlock process for the time getting. You can do this by opening your Settings app, then tapping Lock Screen &gt Screen lock variety. Enter your PIN, password, or pattern to confirm, then tap the switch subsequent to Fingerprints to turn off the fingerprint scanner. Then you just have to have to choose a further unlock system from the list. It would be most effective to leave it off till Samsung has confirmed the problem has been fixed. Regrettably, there’s no mention of irrespective of whether this problem also impacts the Galaxy Note 10’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

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