Sea of Thieves is now haunted by spooky skeletons for Halloween


Sea of Thieves now operates on a month-to-month update schedule, with Uncommon placing new spins on the globe on the second Wednesday of just about every month. In some cases, this contains beautiful items, like new pets or exciting voyages. This month, players have access to Fort of the Damned, an update that modifications up skeleton forts.

Players will be in a position to choose up specific voyages to obtain ritual skulls from enemies. They will also be in a position to gather the Flames of Fate, a new lantern flame colour that players can gather upon dying in specific techniques (shark, player harm, volcano, lighting, skeleton, and snake venom).

A new type of enemy skeleton has infested Old Boot Fort and produced it the web site of a huge boss fight. Fort of the Damned fights will be marked with a red skull cloud, rather of the usual grey and green a single.

By finishing voyages and collecting products, players can trigger this fight. Then, absolutely everyone on the server will see the red skull and be in a position to join Alliances to take on the new, a lot more hard fort. Or, specifically sneaky pirates can show up and result in some added mayhem as other players perform on the fort.

Fort of the Damned also brings new ship cosmetics and two pets, the skeleton cockatoo and skeleton marmoset.

When the new voyages and cosmetics for sale are portion of this month-to-month update and are out there for a restricted time, the new Fort of the Damned will be a permanent addition to Sea of Thieves. A further permanent addition to the game is a mode for sloops in the Arena, which enables duos to group up for competitive treasure-chasing combat.


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