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Rustle is a charming and beautifully drawn point and click puzzle adventure that requires location inside the pages of a pop-up storybook.

In Rustle you assist a cute small woodland getting as they make their way by means of a whimsical fantasy planet primarily based inside the pages of a pop-up storybook. It is controlled completely with the mouse (or touch on Android devices), with you clicking on places to move your character and utilizing swiping motions to shift objects in the scene (or to transition in between scenes).

The existing construct of Rustle just requires a handful of minutes to play by means of but it is a entertaining small encounter with good artwork and wonderfully tactile puzzles. The way you transition in between scenes by flipping the whole web page up or down is a good touch that definitely tends to make you really feel like you are playing inside the confines of a pop-up storybook. Hopefully the devs continue to function on this as it shows a lot of guarantee – it just desires to be fleshed out with far more content material and a handful of far more interactable objects in every scene.

Verify Out a Gameplay Video Right here

Download The Rustle Tech Demo Right here (Windows &amp Android)


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