Peaks of Yore


Peaks of Yore

A vibrant day, a hopeful day, however cluttering clouds veil, challenging-edged and imposing like the mountain itself.
A harmful climb, however the peaks beckon of wistful ascension…

Peaks of Yore is a very first-particular person “climb-em-up” platformer set in 1887.


On a hopeful day, in late July 1887, a group of mountaineers started their ascent of the unconquered peaks of the Eldris Mountains. By September, hope is starting to fade for the group’s return, and as the climate circumstances commence to worsen, hope will undoubtedly vanish.
As a final wistful hope, you have been presented a contract to come across, and if achievable, rescue the lost mountaineers.


With this game, I want to develop an engaging and tense platforming encounter that entails the use of your hands and feet. I aim to develop an encounter that is centered about early mountaineering culture, and it would be good to also place a portion of concentrate on narrative and level-design and style elements. Ideally I also want to experiment with the artstyle a fair bit, as I never definitely have a distinct style in thoughts, although preferably I’d want to appear into artstyles that can support depict the 19th century vibe I am going for. There are distinct components of actual mountaineering elements that I want to depict and currently have plans for inside the game.
For this game I am working with Unity 3D. I will be operating on my personal, and performing a bit of all the things will also hold me motivated in case I run dry in a thing.

Art &amp Narrative

I will be producing all of the art for the game, like animations. Because I am primarily a character artist I doubt I will have several hiccups right here.

I’ve collected a bunch of pictures relating to 19th century mountaineering. A single point that I like about these images are the tints. I want to attempt a bunch of diverse points with the artstyle to attempt and depict this style. Perhaps I will finish up with a thing totally diverse, but I take it as I go.


With the narrative, I did develop a premise (as noticed additional up), but as I create a lot more mechanics and get a a lot more focused scope on how the mechanics function with each other, I will likely be capable to hone in on a thing a lot more concrete and fascinating.
Especially, I want to drive specific elements of the narrative with the use of player interactions.


Because I am at present at my 3rd year of university research, I will likely have restricted time to do several standard updates on this devlog, but I will attempt to hold it as active as I can. I get pleasure from producing these devlogs and it really is also a wonderful way to hold myself on track and make some important progress.
I will be posting a gifs, images and builds as frequently as I can.


The player is impacted by physics (working with rigidbodies), which permits me to play about with lots of gameplay elements, like other bodies pushing the player, swinging momentum and a lot more.
The way you move about on the ground is quite rudimentary stroll, run, crouch, jump, crouch-jump(for a larger jump). After you grab onto a thing you can climb, that is exactly where it gets quite exciting.

Grabbing and holding on

Early climbing tests.

The way you grab and hold on to points is extremely uncomplicated:
You press left click to hold out your left hand, if your left hand then touches a thing grabbable, you automatically grasp on to it till you let go. Vice-versa for the proper hand.
After your ‘hand-spheres’ collider with a specifcally tagged object, they develop a joint among you and the point you grabbed so you generally come to be a pendulum from the point of your grabbing hand to the point exactly where your arm begins.
You grasp onto the surface automatically if your hand (sphere) collides with the proper object.
You can then pull your self up / flex your arm by holding space.

Adding force by hands

You can use your hands to get further momentum although you swing, by “flinging them into the air”(exaggerated right here).
I ended up switching out the hand-spheres for a couple of uncomplicated 2D sprite hands along with a line renderer. This was just to have a thing as placeholder the would give a tiny improved feedback, although I nonetheless experiment with values of the several controlling-physics affecting the player when they are holding on.
I do intend to replace them with 3D arms and hands ultimately, but for now they serve a excellent prototyping objective.

The way you swing in a path is just by working with the movement buttons.

Combining movement mechanics

Right here the player swings working with forward and backward controls, then as they are about to leap, they pull themselves towards the swing(working with space) and get further length on their leap. (With added force from flinging your hands out)

A extremely difficult leap exactly where you need to have lots of swing momentum, flexing at the proper time, and working with each hands to get further height through air-time (appears simpler than it basically is).

I have added a lot a lot more considering that then, but largely to do with the physics and the basic really feel of the physics and momentum. The hand-climbing feels quite excellent proper now, but adding feet into the mix should really be an fascinating challenge. I am not totally positive about the game’s title however, but I do want to hear other folks opinions on this.

Any suggestions, input, or feedback is welcome!


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