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Stat Balance Changes

Crit Severity and Combat Advantage now each multiply all damage dealt, instead of adding their values to each other and other certain damage buffs.

  • Before, a player with 100% Crit Severity and 100% Combat Advantage (100k more than the enemy’s Awareness) would deal 3x as much damage when they critically strike with combat advantage active.
  • Now, that same player would deal 4x as much damage: Double from their 100% Crit Severity, and double that from their 100% Combat Advantage. 

Powers and buffs that increase damage dealt, otherwise, are now consistently additive with each other.

  • For instance, if a player has a 10% damage buff and a 5% damage buff, they should expect to deal 15% more damage (before factoring in critical strike, combat advantage, or the enemy’s damage reduction effects). 

Powers and buffs that decrease damage dealt are now consistently multiplicative with each other.

  • For instance, a player who has two separate 50% damage reduction effects should consistently take only 25% of base damage. 

To balance this out a little, enemies from level 60 to 80 have had their hit points adjusted upward.


Queue Changes

The queues have been recategorized to provide a more consistent experience and expectations to players who enter them. The updated categories are now:

  • Dungeon: Requires level 12 or above.
  • Skirmish: Requires Item Level 14k or above.
  • Epic Dungeon: Requires Item Level 17k or above.
  • Trial: Requires Item Level 16k or above.

In addition, the Astral Diamonds gained from the first run and from repeat runs have been rebalanced, so that more difficult content should be a more efficient route for gaining Astral Diamonds.

The role requirements for Skirmishes have been removed; players can queue with any number of tanks, damage dealers, or healers. 

See more info below for additional changes made to the individual queued maps.



Release Notes 

Content and Environment


  • Malabog’s Castle
    • Respawn points are now properly distributed more evenly through the map.
    • There are now about 20% fewer enemy encounters in this dungeon, and the dungeon overall has been made easier.
  • Temple of the Spider
    • In accordance with the adjustments to random queues, Temple of the Spider has undergone minor adjustments to make its runtime closer to other dungeons at the same item level entry requirement.
    • Two new doors have been added to the dungeon.
    • All doors now require the party be out of combat, and that nearby enemies have been defeated before advancing.
    • Team corrals have been added to the first and second boss fight.
  • The first and second bosses in Temple of the Spider (Master), Cragmire Crypts (Master), and Gray Wolf Den (Master) have had their health increased to be closer to that of other bosses.
  • Gray Wolf Den
    • The damage of certain attacks used by Ethraniev Marrowslake has been adjusted.
    • The number of additional enemies that appear when fighting Ethraniev Marrowslake has been reduced, and their positions have been adjusted.
  • Spellplague Caverns (Master)
    • A handful of enemy encounters have been removed from the dungeon.
    • The position of some encounters has been adjusted.
    • When falling off the platform during the fight against the Giant Nothic Stone-Eye, players are now returned to the platform in a downed state.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods
    • A handful of enemy encounters have been removed from the dungeon.
    • When falling off the platform during the fight against Ras Nsi, players are now returned to the platform in a downed state.


  • In accordance with our random queue adjustments, the following queues have been recategorized to skirmishes:
    • Kessell’s Retreat
    • Shores of Tuern
  • Skirmishes once again can be run by any group of 5 players, instead of requiring a tank and healer.
  • To better fall in line with other skirmish lengths, a few encounters have been added to the following skirmishes:
    • Dread Legion
    • Garrundar the Vile
    • Master of the Hunt
    • Shores of Tuern
  • Manycoins Bank Heist: This skirmish should now properly unlock for other characters on the account, once it’s unlocked on a single character.
  • Prophecy of Madness: The duration of this skirmish has been reduced by about 20%, and it is now about 25% easier to reach Gold rank.


  • Demogorgon
    • Demogorgon’s maximum hit points have been increased.
    • The damage dealt by Tentacle Strike, Forked Tail, and Tentacle Blast has been increased.
    • Tentacle Strike no longer applies stacks of Madness.
    • Paranoid Delusions now apply Madness less often.
    • Demogorgon’s Maddening Aura effect now applies every 15 seconds, up from 4. The damage has been increased and the power is now accompanied by a visual effect.
    • The damage indicators for Forked Tail and Tentacle Blast now consistently fade once their powers finish casting.

Future Events

  • Tales of Old: The general difficulty of these events has been decreased, and more Coins of Tales Told are granted at difficulty 3 and higher.
  • Tales of Old: Encounter power cooldown times no longer increase at Difficulty 4.


  • Chult: House of the Crocodile (Weekly): The Elder Nightmare Speaker now consistently resets after all players in the instance have been defeated.
  • Convention Infiltration: There should no longer be a way to become unable to complete this quest.
  • Shroud of Souls: The Shard of Night: Morlanth no longer stops attacking under certain circumstances.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Rogue
    • To match other standard AoE powers, Whirlwind of Blades now properly hits up to 15 targets, up from 5. The tooltip now indicates that the damage increase granted by hitting enemies with Whirlwind of Blades cannot exceed the amount granted by hitting 5 targets.
  • Warlock
    • Accursed Souls: The magnitude has increased to 900.
    • Brood of Hadar: The tooltip has changed to reflect damage done to primary target. The magnitude has increased to 600 to the main target, and 150 per brood attack.
    • Dreadtheft: This power’s magnitude is now 340.
    • Eldritch Blast: This power’s magnitude is now 30.
    • Hand of Blight: This power’s magnitude is now 35 in melee, and 45 in range.
    • Hellish Rebuke: This power’s magnitude is now 40, with 10 for the DoT effect and 20 for the Rebuke effect.
    • Infernal Spheres: This power’s magnitude is now 40.
    • Warlock’s Curse: The damage bonus granted by this has been increased to 12%.
    • Tyrannical Curse: The magnitude has increased to 900.
  • Warlock (Hellbringer)
    • Arms of Hadar: The magnitude has increased to 55.
    • Arms of Hadar and Blades of Vanquished Armies have moved into the Warlock general encounters.
    • Blades of Vanquished Armies: The magnitude has increased to 20 per blade.
    • Curse Bite: The magnitude has increased to 250.
    • Dark Prayers now summons a soul puppet when an enemy cursed by the warlock dies.
    • Dark Spiral: The magnitude now ranges from 80 to 240.
    • Fiery Bolt: The magnitude has increased to 175.
    • Flames of Phlegethos: The magnitude has increased to 1000.
    • Gates of Hell: The magnitude has increased to 750.
    • Hadar’s Grasp: The magnitude has increased to 200.
    • Hellfire Expertise no longer increases Fire and Necrotic Damage.
    • Hellfire Ring: The magnitude has increased to 120, DoT increased to 200.
    • Killing Flames: The magnitude has increased to 500 – 570.
    • Killing Flames and Dreadtheft have been moved into the Hellbringer paragon encounter selection.
    • Risky Investment now grants a 4% bonus to damage for each stack of Soul Investiture.
    • Soul Investiture is now a 10% damage increase for the Soul Puppet per stack.
    • Soul Scorch: The magnitude has increased to 9 per spark used, and the DoT has increased to 1.5 magnitude per spark.
    • Soul Sparks now increase Hellbringer damage by 0.25% per spark.
    • Vampiric Embrace: The magnitude has increased to 250.
  • Warlock (Soulweaver)
    • Lifebind has been reduced to taking 10% of damage dealt to allies. This has switched from an increase in Defense to an increase in Damage Reduction.
    • Feat Transfusion Tactics has changed to Mending Mastery, and increases outgoing healing by 5%.
    • Prince of Hell now gives 5000 Armor Penetration.
    • Dark Revelry now increases teammates’ Awareness and Critical Avoidance by 5000.
    • Soul Sparks should no longer deplete when in a downed state.
    • Wraith’s Shadow: The healing magnitude has increased to 100.


  • Remorhaz’s Presence: This power now properly deals 40% weapon damage, up from 10% weapon damage, to match its tooltip.

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • Vorpal Enchantment: This weapon enchantment has been reduced in efficacy so that the buff to critical severity doesn’t make it more powerful than intended. At Rank 14, the critical severity is now 20%.

Player Versus Player

  • Companion powers are no longer incorrectly active in Stardock Arena.


  • A power interaction that could cause players to deal immense damage has been addressed.



Enemies and Encounters

Castle Ravenloft

  • The Arcolith should no longer become stuck due to targeting a companion.

Malabog’s Castle

  • Malabog should no longer unexpectedly leash during combat.





  • A certain item can no longer incorrectly resurrect dead player characters.

Zen Market

  • A version of the PvP Starter Pack is now properly available when the character is maxed out on loadout slots.



Animations and Visual Effects

Class Powers

  • The Cleric power, Hammer of Fate, no longer interferes with the target’s animations.


  • Lair of the Mad Mage: Trobriand’s Magnetic Attraction should now be less impactful to performance.
  • Tower of the Mad Mage: The power Ground to Cloud and Cloud to Ground should now be less impactful to performance.
  • Tower of the Mad Mage: Whiteout should now be less impactful to performance.





  • Localization for French, German, Italian, and Russian locales is up-to-date for this patch.



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