Patch Notes: Version: NW.115.20190826c.30 | Neverwinter


Release Notes 

Content material and Atmosphere

Future Events

  • Tales of Old: The common difficulty of these events has been decreased, and a lot more Coins of Tales Told are granted at difficulty three and larger.
  • Tales of Old: Encounter energy cooldown instances no longer boost at Difficulty four.


Combat and Powers


  • Dark Prayers now effectively summons a Soul Puppet.
  • Dark Spiral Aura: The tooltip now displays the appropriate magnitude when the player has no dark spirals.
  • Hellfire Ring: The DoT now effectively matches the magnitude in the tooltip.


  • A energy interaction that could lead to players to deal immense harm has been addressed.


Enemies and Encounters


  • Kessell’s Retreat: The harm dealt by the boss has been decreased.
  • Shores of Tuern: The harm dealt by the boss has been decreased.




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