Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III Arrives With 20MP, Enhanced Autofocus


Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III camera front, on table.
Daven Mathies/Digital Trends

Olympus announced the OM-D E-M5 Mark III on Thursday, October 17, ending a practically 4-year drought for the well known enthusiast camera line. The E-M5 series has been a go-to camera for adventure and travel photographers thanks to its compact size and terrific functionality, and the new Mark III additional hones in on these elements. It is smaller sized, lighter, and more rapidly than earlier versions and gains the 20-megapixel sensor and more rapidly processor of the extra specialist E-M1 Mark II.

Along with the new sensor comes the 121-point, phase-detection autofocus technique of the E-M1. It is a massive step more than the E-M5 Mark II, specifically for shooting moving subjects. Stabilization has also been enhanced to five.five stops, or up to six.five with choose lenses that assistance Sync IS. This is not as great as the flagship OM-D E-M1X, but Olympus had to style an totally new sensor-shift technique for the E-M5 Mark III that could match inside its smaller sized physique.

Nevertheless, not anything has been enhanced. Exactly where the E-M5 Mark II was a masterclass in premium camera style, the Mark III shies away from its upmarket heritage by introducing extra plastic into the physique, providing the smaller sized battery from the E-M10 series, and removing the solution for a vertical battery grip. Even though a battery grip wasn’t well known on a camera sold for its modest size, and Olympus claims each battery life and climate sealing are the very same as the Mark II, these modifications may possibly nevertheless rub some E-M5 fans the incorrect way.

The technical improvements are also a bit underwhelming for individuals who have waited this lengthy for an upgrade. Even though they give a decent jump in functionality, specifically autofocus, more than the Mark II, they merely catch the E-M5 up to the E-M1 — a camera that is itself three years old. Exactly where the E-M5 was after recognized for introducing new tech — the 16MP sensor and five-axis stabilization in the original, Higher Resolution Shot mode in the Mark II — the Mark III does not give us something we haven’t currently observed from Olympus.

Of course, that does not make it a poor camera. Digital Trends spent a week with the E-M5 Mark III in Moab, Utah earlier in October and had been pleased with its functionality. It may possibly not really feel fairly like an E-M5 of old, but it is nevertheless a exciting (and eye-catching) tiny camera that can shoot circles about a lot of bigger DSLRs. We’ll have extra particulars and impressions in our complete critique, which is at the moment in the operates.

Accessible in late November, the E-M5 Mark III will sell for $1,200 physique only, or $1,800 with the M.Zuiko 14-150mm f/four-five.six kit lens.

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