October 16th Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (1911.191013-1945)



Hey Alpha ring customers! Today’s Xbox Insider Release Notes highlight the most recent fixes, recognized challenges, and capabilities coming to your console. Beginning at two:00 p.m. PT currently, customers will obtain the most recent 1911 Xbox A single technique update (create: 19H1_RELEASE_XBOX_DEV_191118363.8089.191013-1945). Retain reading for extra particulars.

Technique Update Specifics:

  • OS version released: 19H1_RELEASE_XBOX_DEV_191118363.8089.191013-1945
  • Obtainable: two:00 p.m. PT – October 14, 2019
  • Mandatory: three:00 a.m. PT – October 15, 2019


System Update

Fixes for Alpha

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re satisfied to announce the following fixes have been implemented for this 1911 create:



  • Fixed an challenge exactly where some customers have been unable to watch Television through USB tuner.


  • Many updates to correctly reflect nearby languages across the console.

Xbox Insider Release Notes

Identified Challenges for Alpha

We fully grasp some challenges have been listed in earlier Xbox Insider Release Notes. These challenges are not becoming ignored, but it will take Xbox engineers extra time to discover a remedy. We appreciate your patience at this time!


  • Customers who have Dolby Atmos enabled and console show settings set to 120hz with 36 bits per pixel (12-bit) are experiencing loss of Dolby Atmos audio in some scenarios.
    • Workaround: Disable 120hz or set Video Fidelity to 30 bits per pixel (10-bit) or reduce.

Dolby Access

  • Customers are unable to full the setup for Dolby Atmos in the app and the app is not recognizing Dolby Atmos headphones.
    • Note: This is an challenge with the Dolby Access app and the app developers are conscious and investigating.


  • Some customers are reporting their Video Autoplay settings are not becoming kept when a new update is released.

Profile Colour

  • From time to time customers may possibly encounter the incorrect Profile colour when powering on the console.


Are you not seeing your challenge listed above? Make positive to use Report a issue to preserve us informed of your challenge. We may possibly not be in a position to respond to everybody, but the information we’ll collect is essential to locating a resolution.

Find out extra about feedback and how every ring is differentiated in the following hyperlinks:

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