How to Use PS3 External Really hard Drive?


If you are a gamer then you may have come across the ultimate gaming platform developed by Sony that is PlayStation. I assume every person each gamers and non-gamers have heard about this item.

Yes, it is that well-known.

PlayStations are video gaming platforms introduced by Sony to play games on Television and on big screens. PlayStation got its immense fame mainly because it delivers a higher-class and super realistic gaming knowledge.

If you are a gamer and if you have played games in a PlayStation then you can absolutely relate with what I am attempting to say right here. But the idea of PlayStation is not for only playing games. You can also watch films and on-line internet series on your PlayStation.

There are diverse genres of games obtainable to play in PlayStation and to retailer these games one particular ought to have sufficient space on the difficult disk. But from time to time a gamer may possess a substantial collection of games.

For that, you may will need a bigger space to retailer all the games. This exactly where the idea of utilizing ps3 external difficult drive comes into play. Currently in this weblog we will be discussing how to use external difficult drive PS3 to play far more games and watch far more films.

But for these of you who do not know something about PlayStation three or PS3 like what the issue is and how and for what objective it performs, let me give a short introduction of PlayStation very first.

PlayStation three – Know the beast 

Initial released in the year 2006 by Sony Laptop or computer Entertainment, PlayStation three is a property video gaming console. PlayStation is a loved ones that consists of various members beginning from PlayStation 1.

PlayStation three is the proud successor of its preceding versions. There are various gaming consoles obtainable in the gaming industry like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Nintendo’s Wii, but PlayStation three is the very first gaming console to use Blu-ray Disc as a principal storage medium.

Not only for gaming purposes, but PlayStation is also utilized to make supercomputers for their higher-overall performance computing nature. PS3 operates on an operating technique of PlayStation3 technique application.

With a memory capacity of 256 MB, XDR DRAM technique and 256 GDDR3 video PS3 is supported by a graphics configuration of 550 MHz Nvidia/ SCEI RSX Reality Synthesizer.

Now if we speak about utilizing a difficult disk as PS3 external memory storage, then you have to verify very first regardless of whether your PS3 is compatible with the difficult drive or not. But as the PS3 makes use of its internal hardware though you run any media file, hence you are restricted to play games straight from an external difficult drive.

So let’s verify out the process on how you can connect and use your external difficult drive in your PlayStation three.

How to use your external difficult drive in your PlayStation three?

Now that you have identified a lot of issues about a PlayStation let us move on to the subsequent section exactly where we will see how to verify regardless of whether your difficult disk is compatible with your PlayStation three or not.

I am mentioning some by following which you can go by way of the approach of checking.

Step 1:

At very first, attempt to connect your ps3 external difficult drive with your Computer. But in the meantime, the file technique will resist the external difficult drive from getting compatible with PS three.

Right here the dilemma is in contrast to Windows, PlayStation can not study NTFS and it demands to format all external devices with FAT or FAT32.

Step two:

This is a incredibly essential step. Now you will need to build a backup of the files of your difficult disk in your Computer. As you have to format your difficult disk just before creating it compatible with your PlayStation three.

Step three:

Insert your difficult disk in your laptop. In the file manager upon appropriate-clicking on the difficult drive icon you will discover an solution to format the difficult disk. Verify FAT as an alternative of NTFS and get rid of the checkmark beside the “Quick Format”.

The formating approach will take some time, based upon the size of your difficult disk space.

Step four:

Now choose all the files you want to run on your PlayStation three and copy them on your difficult drive. Right here you do not have to be concerned about the file formats as media files extensions have nothing at all to do with the reality regardless of whether the technique is utilizing FAT or NTFS.

It is advisable that you sort all the files in your difficult disk according to the file formats. Immediately after you are accomplished with the approach of transferring files from your laptop to the difficult drive, safely get rid of the ps3 external difficult drive from your laptop.

Step five:

Connect the external difficult drive to any one particular of the USB ports of the PlayStation console. From the XMB property menu, navigate by way of your files which are on the difficult drive.

Step six:

To get your external difficult drive recognized in your PlayStation three scroll by way of the menu till you discover a highlighted solution saying “external difficult drive”.

Press the “triangle” button on your controller and pick the “display all” solution. By carrying out this you can see and can have access to the files that you have incorporated in your difficult drive. But the issue is you have to repeat this process just about every time you switch on the PlayStation. 

Step 7:

Navigate by way of the files obtainable on your difficult drive with the assist of your controller. Use the “X” button to open any folder and “O” to go back.     


Immediately after reading the complete report you can now say that it is achievable to connect an external difficult drive to PlayStation three and also use it to play and retailer diverse media files as an external storage device.

And you can say that the above weblog is a comprehensive guide to teach you how to do that. So now you know the complete approach of connecting an external drive to your PlayStation three. So just connect your difficult drive to your PS3 console and play far more.


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