‘fishy’ Aids a Guppy Develop Beyond its Pond


‘fishy’, inspired by the flash game of the exact same name (Fishy), challenges you to consider beyond just development and uncover a way to escape this pond that is of course also smaller to hold your stunning, scaly self.

You are tasked with guiding this tiny guppy to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Soon after becoming flushed down the toilet, you will uncover oneself in a brand-new ecosystem to discover. Size does matter right here, but there’s no shortage of algae and even smaller sized fish to chow down on. As you consume additional and additional, you will develop bigger and your menu will expand. On top rated of becoming in a position to consume additional of your pond-mates, you will be in a position to break via previously blocked-off places and uncover new creatures to nibble.

Soon after you have had your fill of the pond, you may possibly wonder if this physique of water can even deal with you any longer. There may possibly be a way to escape this pond if you hold your eyes peeled (which will be straightforward for a fish, soon after all).

fishy is obtainable now on Itch.io. You can also assistance Sokpop Collective on their Patreon.


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