Classic D&D RPG Games Hit Contemporary Consoles: Baldur’s Gate And Far more


Earlier this year, Skybound Games announced a deal with Computer game developer Beamdog to port its library of classic D&ampD-primarily based RPGs to property consoles. Nowadays the fruits of their labor are for sale: Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate ll, Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment and Neverwinter Nights. A lot of of these will be new to console gamers, and if so, they’re in for a treat.

  • Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Pack: Celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary, the original Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and its sequel, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, return with all DLC and restored quest content material, as properly as the Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear expansion, featuring new original content material created by Beamdog to bridge the two games.
  • Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition / Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition: Two ought to-play games and all their DLC in 1 package – the chilling Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, plus its expansions, and the enhanced edition of 1999’s RPG of the Year, Planescape: Torment.

“These games are iconic, like Baldur’s Gate, which has definitely set the regular for Dungeons &amp Dragons computer system roleplaying games,” says Skybound Games CEO Ian Howe. “We’re excited to bring Beamdog’s amazing slate to new platforms for each the committed fan and these who will quickly learn these adventures for the very first time. As longtime fans of Baldur’s Gate and Dungeons &amp Dragons, it is excellent to companion with Beamdog as the newest member of the Skybound household.”

The anticipated components of conversion are right here like higher-resolution widescreen displays and controls optimized for console controllers, plus new content material, new characters and classes, expanded character creation possibilities, UI redesigns and a couple of subtle bug fixes.

As for Neverwinter Nights, its release is coming in December. The Baldur’s Gate and Planescape game s are out there now for Playstation four, Nintendo Switch and XBox One particular.

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