Anthem Update May possibly Have Just Wiped Out Occasion Currency With Small Notice


A recent Anthem update might have just wiped out any earned occasion currency. That is not as well significant of a deal on its personal — particular, time-restricted currencies get removed or rendered useless immediately after particular in-game events all the time in several distinct games. What is a significant deal is that the consequences of this update apparently weren’t communicated extremely proficiently and a segment of the players are rather upset.

Here’s some background: Anthem has just wrapped up their Cataclysm occasion. A single of the factors this occasion had was a particular currency referred to as “Crystals” which could be utilized to obtain things throughout the occasion. Quite typical fare, with a single critical caveat: as PCGamesN notes, a Neighborhood Cortex post stated that the occasion currency would not carry more than to the subsequent Seasonal Occasion:

  • Second (and this a single is critical), your Crystals will not carry over to the subsequent Seasonal Occasion.

Once more, this is not all that uncommon. Nonetheless, a lot of games have a tendency to repeatedly communicate critical data like this. Overwatch, for instance, will place out a blast in the final days of a single of their events so players never miss out on earning the goodies they want to just before their final opportunity is gone. That did not happen for the Cataclysm occasion… with the exception of an obscure tweet.

Anthem Update Cataclysm Currency

Lack of Anthem Update Reminder Upsets Fans

As far as I, PCGamesN, or Reddit’s /r/AnthemTheGame submission on the subject can inform, there was no reminder about this most current update removing the occasion currency save for this tweet from a single of the game’s developers:

Understandably, the poor communication right here has upset additional than a handful of persons.

“So.. the way I locate out I must invest all my crystals since they will be disappearing in significantly less than 24 hours is not by way of an announcement on the sub or in-game,” study a comment from /u/iceplanet2002. “It really is by way of somebody asking a query about the CM’s retweet. We all knew BioWare’s communication sucked, but they never appear to be attempting to be greater.”

“Right after not playing because launch I hopped back in just a couple weeks ago to see what had changed…and now this?” started a different comment from /u/Asami97. “No warning [in-game], just a Twitter response? Definitely? How is it that Bioware never ever find out from their errors. They are either totally inept or they just never care. Bioware could give all their content material away for absolutely free, they could balance the game, repair the bugs, shower loot on us and fill it with content material. But it nevertheless would not repair Anthem since there is some thing rotten at the core of Bioware.”

Despite the fact that some persons had been upset, not absolutely everyone forgot about the currency getting removed quite a few customers have stated that they anticipated the occasion currency would be removed in some style and other people had pointed out the Neighborhood Cortex post. Nonetheless, quite a few persons appear to have been caught off guard by the latest Anthem update removing currency and it is fairly clear that the developers could have (and must have) carried out a greater job with communication.

What do you consider of the latest Anthem update removing currency with no reminders about the adjustments? Do you consider BioWare must have carried out a greater job of communicating or was the original Neighborhood Cortex post adequate? Let us know in the comments beneath!


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