AI War two Leaving Early Access Subsequent Week


Arcen Games revealed right now that AI War two will get a complete release on October 22nd. This grand approach RTS hybrid was effectively crowdfunded back in 2016, and it had an Early Access launch a year ago.

Chris Park, Arcen Games‘ CEO and Lead Programmer/Designer shared his concepts for the game’s post-launch state on a Steam forum post, explaining that AI War two will probably obtain numerous updates even through the week it is launching out of Early Access, as he considers the game to be a “living product” and not just a point you get out in a best state and then in no way touch once again.

AI War two is a grand approach RTS hybrid against an overwhelming, inhuman enemy who has conquered the galaxy. The enemy has produced only a single error: underestimating you. You have to steal as significantly technologies as you can, take sufficient territory to fortify your bases and launch your attacks. 

Rather than attempting to recapture all the territory (which will merely enrage the vast enemies sufficient that they slaughter you), you have to capture planets with care, invest in new technologies, and strike with precision. This is not a stealth game, but there’s a definite art to recognizing when and exactly where NOT to strike.

AI War two will nevertheless price US$19.99 soon after getting released out of Early Access, due to the fact Arcen Games have stated that they do not program to improve the game’s price tag upon reaching that milestone.

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