Wii U games worth playing : retrogaming


So I purchased a Wii U when KMart was closing a bunch of shops back in 2014, it is the Zelda Edition and due to the fact the retailer was closing it was 40% off which was most of my motivation for purchasing it but I nonetheless played some terrific games and created some terrific memories when playing it and now that the Wii U is dead I really feel sort of terrible for mainly ignoring it in favor of my older consoles as nicely as PS3 and PS4 but have a feeling now is the time to commence searching for hidden gems on it like I stated I did not play it substantially and most likely have fewer than 10 games on it but I’ve got the main ones like Mario Maker, Wind Waker HD, Splatoon, Mario Kart and Smash Bros, so I was questioning if you guys have any suggestions for titles I ought to nab for it? I am not searching for uncommon games or something just games that are genuinely entertaining.



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