Sony patent may possibly hint at capabilities of rumored PSVR two


A seemingly uninteresting patent lately granted to Sony may possibly reveal some capabilities of the hotly rumored new PSVR two.

Let’s Go Digital first spotted the patent for a “data processing device.” Now, the patent itself is not straight detailing a new version of PSVR, but some of the diagrams employed to illustrate the patent reveal PSVR capabilities we’ve by no means observed just before.

Crucially, 4 pictures in the patent show a headset style quite related to the 1st PSVR. Notably, although, other pictures in the patent showcase an completely distinct style. It is what’s truly on the headset we’re interested in cameras.

Mounted to the front of the device are two cameras. A further is placed on the head ring at the back. There’s also an image of a motion controller that also sports a camera. In the patent text, there’s also reference to a camera attached to a console, considerably like with the present PSVR setup on PS4.

The mention of cameras each on the headset and console leaves Sony’s intentions for PSVR two unclear. It may possibly be that the unannounced headset utilizes each sets of sensors for a distinctive mix of each inside-out and outdoors-in tracking. We do not know of any other headset that makes use of each techniques Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest each just use headset-mounted cameras while the Valve Index makes use of external base stations.

Or it may possibly just just be the business covering all of its bases in this patent and PSVR two will finish up working with just a single of these systems.

The existence of cameras on the controllers themselves is also a distinctive notion. We’d speculate this may serve to enhance the accuracy of the tracking. The original PSVR struggles with 360 degree tracking, as the single-camera can not see your Move controllers when you turn about. With these styles, these challenges could be a factor of the previous.

The patent was awarded earlier this month, but surfaces just as Sony confirms more specifics about the PS5. Yesterday, the business stated the console would be releasing in the vacation 2020 period. It also confirmed the subsequent DualShock controller will have adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. For now, we know the console will assistance the original PSVR. Sony hasn’t officially confirmed a new headset will be released for the device, but it is seeking most likely.

Sony has filed a quantity of patents that may possibly hint at PSVR 2’s style more than the previous couple of years. We’ve seen new motion controllers, wireless capabilities and much more. What truly tends to make it into the final headset remains to be observed.

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