Portal Comes To DVD And VOD October 15


When you hear the word “Portal,” all by itself, a specific video game instantly springs to thoughts. That game is so classic and iconic at this point that you wonder how its title could be utilized any other way. “Portal” getting such a generic word, it is fair use for other projects, but it nevertheless appears jarring:

They’re even performing the “O in the title appears like 1 of the portals” factor. They’re risking GLaDOS’s wrath right here.

Portal, the 2019 horror film, is not about an evil robot placing human prisoners by means of endless tests. It is about an amateur ghost-hunting group who wishes they could get their personal Television deal. If they could just study to build some convincing fake ghost phenomena, they would have a superior sufficient reel to convince the networks. Regrettably, the place they choose to shoot their newest pilot is 1 exactly where ghosts truly reside. But on the plus side, they’ll save a LOT in unique effects!

Portal stars Ryan Merriman (The Jurassic Games), Jamie Tisdale (“From Dusk Till Dawn : The Series”) and the 1, the only, the legend herself, Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street). How’d this tiny film handle that? Who knows. Higher Octane is publishing this 1 and bringing it to DVD and VOD October 15.

Insidious meets Paranormal Activity in director Dean Alioto‘s “delightfully scrumptious horror film”* out there on digital and On Demand from October 15 from Vertical Entertainment.

The ambitious founder of an amateur ghost hunting group, is tired of chasing down the similar old “haunts” as just about every other wanna-be group out there, coming up empty handed every single and just about every time. He dreams of getting like the renowned teams on Television.

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