Neil Druckmann Talks The Final of Us two Enemies and Much more


The Final of Us Element II director Neil Druckmann has mentioned that the upcoming game’s new enemy kind, the Shamblers, haven’t been added on a whim, and that their inclusion will make sense in the lore’s context.

“In the 1st game, there is all this documentation about the various stages [of the infection],” Druckmann told the PlayStation Weblog. “Now we have to justify why there are various stages. Why are there mutations of these factors? Without having receiving into it right here, there is a thing about the atmosphere and how a great deal time has passed that has permitted these mutations to take place.”

Druckmann went on to clarify how the Shamblers will make combat encounters far more intense.

“We have Runners that close the distance immediately,” he continued. “We have Clickers that move gradually but are a single-hit kills. Shamblers supply this region of attack, exactly where they have this cloud of gaseous acid that burns components about it. It burns your skin. The way you saw it in this demo is that they’re largely on their personal. It gets definitely fascinating simply because you have a cloud that hurts you when you enter it, but it also blocks your view, then Runners burst by means of it. So the combinations get definitely fascinating.”

Players will get to take on the Shamblers with Ellie’s new combat skills and upgrade technique when The Final of Us Element II comes out on February 21, 2020 exclusively for the PlayStation four. For far more on the game, verify out our prior coverage and remain tuned for updates.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


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