Major Drunk Satanic Massacre is out now on Steam


The game BDSM: Major Drunk Satanic Massacre has officially launched on Steam. In this twin-stick shooter, you play as the demon prince Lou just after humans invade hell and open up a rapidly meals franchise. Of course, Lou will not stand for this, and his resolution requires a lot of violence.

Donning a white tank major and guzzling a lot of Milk, Lou requires up arms and quite substantially just does what the title says. He opens fire on traitorous demons and the pesky humans, operating into a lot of faces that appear somewhat… familiar.

Twin-stick shooter comedic shooter BDSM

No celebrities had been harmed in the producing of this game. That is your job.

The blood-bathed comedic shooter has players wading by way of hordes of foes as players take on the humans and mega-corporations, which the government assures us are also folks. Even though on this quest, Lou will take a look at all corners of the underworld, leaving each and every one particular painted in a brand-new coat of red.

BDSM is all about becoming enjoyable and funny,” mentioned Major Way CEO Konstantin Semenov. “Not only do you get to take back hell from greedy human corporations, but you get to hear Lou take down some of these sacred cows of old college shooters.”

You are not the boss of me, now

This all leads up to a climactic showdown with Major Wac, a rapidly-meals-shilling clown who orchestrated the invasion.

Twin-stick shooter comedic shooter BDSM

Maybe they believed naming him “Donald McRonald” would make the satire as well apparent.

Of course, this rapidly meals fiend is not the only enemy Lou will face. Prior to the game released, BDSM developed a trailer that shows off other bosses. These incorporate the neckbeard-laden “Nerdomancer,” along with the “Black Overlord,” who requires the game’s abbreviation a bit as well actually.

Any individual interested in this comedic twin-stick shooter can obtain BDSM: Major Drunk Satanic Massacre now on Steam. It is commonly priced at $19.99, but any individual who thinks that cost is specifically $two.00 as well pricey can choose it up for $17.99 by way of October 17.


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