Gylt Developers Say Game Was Inspired By Silent Hill And Inside


The initially Stadia exclusive has spooky origins.

Google Stadia is practically upon us. It is an intriguing time in the market as this could be the starting of an totally new era in gaming, or the starting of what will be one particular of the most infamous flops the market will ever see. Whichever that will be, only time can definitely inform. But either way, we’ll have our eyes on the games, and the what will be the initially Stadia exclusive is an intriguing game known as Gylt, and these days we got a developer diary about the game’s influences.

Regardless of its cartoonish appear, the game is truly a complete blown survival horror game exactly where a young girl named Sally should traverse an eerie Maine town via each twisted indoor and outside settings. The developers took a lot of inspiration from Silent Hill, the classic survival horror series that focused far more on physiological horror and terrifying monsters more than guns and guts, and Inside, the current indie title that had a vague and unsettling story and setting that set an unforgettable mood. Verify it out under.

Gylt will launch with Google’s Stadia service sometime in November. As it stands now, the game is exclusive to the service and therefore will be the initially exclusive title to be component of Stadia. No word however on if it’ll launch on other platforms at a later date.


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