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Get in touch with of Duty Mobile composer Walter Mair has shared his thoughts on what it was like to perform on CoD mobile alongside what he was attempting to attain with the key theme of the game. I at times really feel like it really is effortless to neglect music can nonetheless be an integral element of mobile gaming, specifically as not each particular person has the volume up or their headphones plugged in when gaming on the go.

Walter Mair himself is no stranger to video game scores, possessing worked on the likes of several GTAs and Sony’s Killzone series in the previous. Outdoors of gaming, he’s also worked on Netflix’s Formula 1: Drive to Survive and the music for the 2015 documentary about Cristiano Ronaldo.


Functioning on this distinct project he stated: “It was a actually rewarding expertise scoring the music for Get in touch with of Duty: Mobile. Such an iconic and groundbreaking title demanded an original, thematic and hybrid strategy to reflect its cinematic and immersive gameplay as properly as representing the complete legacy of the franchise, which includes the Contemporary Warfare and Black Ops universes”.

I surely really feel like there are shades of each series’ that he mentions in the key theme of the game and it really is an great piece of music. Outdoors of the game itself, you can listen to the key theme in considerably greater high quality than most of the YouTube videos knocking about more than on his Soundcloud web page.


He also compared the composition of the key theme to that of the upcoming Zombies track. He stated: “The key theme is heroic and epic in scope, recorded with reside instrumentation which includes solo cello and blended with experimental modular synth sounds. By contrast, the zombies’ theme combines dark and outer-worldly sounds made by extended playing approaches to create a exceptional sinister vibe.”

I’ve generally enjoyed the several themes for the Zombie modes, due to the fact their inception, so Mair’s description of his track tends to make me far more excited for the Zombie mode to be added than I currently was.

Get in touch with of Duty Mobile is accessible now on the App Retailer and Google Play. It really is a no cost-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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