Final Fantasy XIV’s Halloween occasion brings a brand new mount


All Saints’ Wake proves that beauty may possibly not be the only point in the eye of the beholder.

Final Fantasy XIV will be obtaining spooky with Halloween occasion All Saints’ Wake, aiming to make issues delightfully creepy among October 17 and November 1.

The Continental Circus is setting up shop in the Gridanian Woods for the duration of that period, total with a new attraction. An Ahriman attraction, it appears. Possessing a floating eyeball monster as an attraction can not go incorrect, certainly? You can uncover out by accepting the relevant questline from the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator in Old Gridania at X:10.four Y:eight.four.

You will want to have performed Final Fantasy XIV‘s Most important Situation Quest “It’s Almost certainly Pirates” in order to participate. Thankfully, this is a level 15 quest and is the 1 that shunts you into Sastasha, 1 of the initial dungeons of the game. As such, any one who’s been playing for even a quick period is eligible for the frights and fights. And do not be concerned: No expansions are necessary to take aspect in the exciting.

A rewarding Final Fantasy XIV occasion

Final Fantasy 14 All Saints Wake 2

It is not totally clear what this new Final Fantasy XIV occasion will involve, but I’d say it is a pretty protected bet that you will have a questline to do, followed by a series of repeatable quests to earn tokens for rewards. It wouldn’t be a seasonal MMO occasion without the need of themed rewards, proper?

So yes, there’ll be a variety of in-game products readily available from the occasion. The significant 1 is almost certainly the Circus Resonator, an item that lets you summon the brand new Circus Ahriman mount. Players can also get their hands on the Pumpkin Carriage and Fantastical All Saints’ Wake Advertisement furnishing products. There’s doubtless extra to grab as well (like “certain items” from earlier All Saints’ Wake events), but we’ve got no information on what proper now.

Patch five.1 for Final Fantasy XIV is also due to launch in late October, so that’ll most likely take place whilst All Saints’ Wake 2019 is nevertheless operating. The new patch — subtitled “Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty” — is set to add new quests, a new dungeon, and the lengthy-awaited starting of the NieR: Automata crossover raid. In terms of excellent-of-life upgrades, it’ll bring with it a New Game+ solution as nicely as Fellowships, a sort of message board for up to 1000 players.

All Saints’ Wake will ethereally float into Final Fantasy XIV on October 17. Patch five.1 is at the moment undated but is set for “late October.” I, for 1, am searching forward to the continuation of Shadowbringers generating me really feel terrible. Once more.


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