Destiny two: Forsaken ultimate guide: suggestions, hints and walkthroughs for your adventures in space


Destiny two: Forsaken has created the franchise larger and far better than ever just before, with much more to come in the year ahead.

No matter whether you are new to Destiny or a veteran Guardian, this guide will cover any and all items Forsaken and beyond as we comply with the Destiny two roadmap.

Right here you will locate guides and walkthroughs for precise missions, how to locate Exotic weapons and how to truly enhance these Energy level numbers. We’ve attempted to steer clear of spoilers for the primary campaign for the most component and will be positive to flag any pages that could ruin your immersion.

If you are nevertheless unsure if Destiny two is the game for you, then verify out our Destiny two: Forsaken critique.

Destiny two: Season of Opulence

The seventh season is right here to wrap up Year two nicely in Destiny two.

  • Season of Opulence overview
  • Here’s every thing you have to have to know about the Season of Opulence such as new in-game events, Pinnacle weapons and much more.

  • The Menagerie
  • The new six-player activity is a grind, but the rewards are wonderful.

  • Tribute Hall
  • Here’s every thing you have to have to know about having began in Emperor Calus’ Tribute Hall.

Exotic weapons

  • Terrible Juju
  • Here’s how to get your hands on a revamped Destiny classic.

  • Lumina
  • Lumina, Thorn’s Light-filled sister, heals your allies and boosts your weapon harm, so here’s how to get it.

  • Truth
  • The quest for the Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher is now reside and it is back to the Prison of Elders.

  • Thorn
  • Here’s how to get your hands on the ridiculously highly effective Thorn.

  • The Final Word
  • You are going to have to have to endure by means of the Crucible to get it, but here’s our guide to discovering The Final Word hand cannon.

  • Cerberus+1 Exotic Auto Rifle
  • This rifle has 4 barrels and its primary perk signifies that it shoots erratic bullets from every single gun barrel at the identical time. ‘Nuff mentioned.

  • Lord of Wolves
  • The Lord of Wolves shotgun was a fan favourite in Destiny and it is no distinctive this time about in Forsaken. This power weapon shoots Solar shrapnel at your enemies and packs a punch in PvP mode.

  • Want-Ender Bow
  • When totally drawn, you can see targets by means of walls and inflict harm on a number of enemies with a single shot. This weapon will be offered every single 3 weeks as component of The Shattered Throne dungeon.

  • Malfeasance
  • This Exotic hand cannon is closely tied to Gambit and comes with a deadly perk.

  • Thunderlord
  • Here’s how to get your hands on Destiny 1 favourite, the Thunderlord Exotic machine gun.

Desiny two: Forsaken – Improve your Energy and unlock new Subclass paths

  • Destiny two Energy, XP and Engram fundamentals
  • If you are somewhat new to the franchise, it would be worth checking out this guide to study about the levelling up systems in Destiny two and how to use your time properly to get maximum gains and pump up these rookie numbers.

  • How to hit 600 Energy
  • If you have reached the soft cap of 500 and want to enhance your Energy ahead of the upcoming raid, verify this guide out for a structured method to having the most out of Destiny two: Forsaken.

Ascdendant Challenge

The weekly Ascendant Challenge can be acquired from Petra Venj in the Dreaming City. Every single week she moves to a distinctive place about the map and so far the challenges operate in a six-week rotation, so week one particular and week seven’s challenges are the identical, and so on. This is probably to continue for the foreseeable future.

  • Ascendant Challenge Week two
  • You are heading to Forfeit Shrine for this challenge, and we advocate taking a buddy along to assistance you.

  • Ascendant Challenge week five
  • This is the easiest of all the challenges so far, but it does need you to have Tincture of Queensfoil.

  • Ascendant Challenge week six
  • Week 6’s challenge is very lengthy and there’s a tonne of enemies to get previous, so we advocate bringing a sniper rifle and a shotgun for this one particular.

The Dreaming City

  • Dreaming City hidden cats
  • Right here are the place of all the cats hidden in the Dreaming City. If you present them with a Little Present, they’ll give you some Legendary gear in return!


  • The Shattered Throne
  • Here’s our guide on how to comprehensive Destiny two: Forsaken’s 1st dungeon, The Shattered Throne.

Challenges, triumphs and public events

  • Oracle Engine Supplying and Corsair Down
  • These quests seem right after the primary campaign and hyperlink with challenges from Petra Venj, so for these searching for a rewarding and uncommon challenge need to appear right here.

  • Gravetide Summoner
  • If you are searching to enhance your Energy level, then have a go at this bounty from Spider in the Tangled Shore.

destiny 2 update 2.

The Final Want raid

  • The Final Want raid
  • Here’s the suggested Energy level and how to get began in the Final Want raid.

  • Clan challenges
  • A guide to finishing the Clan Bounties offered in Destiny two: Forsaken.

Destiny two: Season of the Drifter

  • Allegiance quest
  • You will have to have to make a decision if your loyalties lie with the Vanguard or The Drifter for this new story mission.

Now that the Garden of Salvation raid is comprehensive, it is time to tackle the Eyes on the Moon quest and unlock the Vex Offensive. For much more Shadowkeep guides, verify out our pages on how to get the Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher and Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle, how to comprehensive the Nightmare Essence Cleansing and how to get Phantasmal Fragments, Cores, and access Nightmare Hunts.

You can also verify out exactly where to locate the hidden Jade Rabbits and all the dead Ghosts and how to comprehensive the Lunar Spelunker Bounty.

If you are new to Destiny two, you can verify out our Forsaken guide right here as nicely as how to locate Lost Sectors and cache codes.


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