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Days Gone developer Bend Studio has been maintaining count of all these Freakers we’ve been killing more than the previous couple of months, it appears.

Because launching its very first free of charge challenge DLC for the post-apocalyptic PlayStation exclusive, Days Gone fans have racked up a physique count that stretches into the hundreds of millions.

These taking aspect in the challenge series have reportedly slain a staggering 928 million Freakers four.six million of these becoming bike influence kills. This is Days Gone just after all, and if you issue in human enemies, that brings the all round tally closer to a billion. You can verify out the complete infographic by means of the gallery image under.

7.eight DLC challenges have been completed by players given that the very first a single launched back in June quickly just after the game’s release. For these who didn’t know, these are standalone missions that exist outdoors the key storyline and can be accessed by means of a separate menu.

There are 3 key forms of challenge like the race-like bike challenges, combat encounters, and horde hunts. Unsurprisingly, the latter challenge sort proved most common with extra than four.two million completions. Purging Freaker Hordes is an integral aspect of the Days Gone practical experience that sees players attempt to whittle down a grotesque tide of infected enemies working with every single weapon, trick, and resource at their disposal.

Other fascinating stats show that players have unlocked 811k patches, these becoming achievement-like emblems awarded for challenge particular tasks. Collectively fans have logged 27,000 days of challenge playtime as well with the RPD light machine gun becoming their go-to weapon of selection.

Days Gone Critique

It definitely is not the strongest PS4 exclusive we’ve noticed in the previous couple of years however Days Gone has a following all the identical. Here’s what bugged us about the game in our original assessment:

Size and pacing are the game’s two most significant challenges. With Sony Bend’s final project becoming an Uncharted adventure condensed completely for the PlayStation Vita, they’ve leapt straight into the deep finish with this open planet. There’s merely not sufficient right here in terms of plot or gameplay development to warrant Days Gone becoming stretched more than such a large landmass or timeframe. Even though it does not match Sony’s existing AAA template, a smaller sized, extra linear method could have helped Days Gone provide in a main way.

Sony Bend has however to confirm what its subsequent project is or irrespective of whether we’ll be seeing extra from Days Gone in future.

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