Daybreak Games lays off several workers in business ‘realignment’


Update: A Daybreak representative has confirmed to Gamasutra that it has laid off several workers in a business “realignment.” The statement reads as follows:

“We are taking measures to strengthen our organization and to help our extended-term vision for the current franchises and improvement of new games. This will include things like a realignment of the business into separate franchise teams, which will permit us to highlight their knowledge, superior showcase the games they operate on, and eventually give tailored experiences for our players. Sadly, some workers have been impacted by this work, and we’re carrying out what we can to help them in the course of this difficult time.”

The original story is under:

Various workers of San Diego-primarily based studio Daybreak tweeted this evening that they have been laid off from the studio. 

Now-former employee Alex Hoffman and former H1Z1 technical director Josh Kriegshauser posted tweets this afternoon that appeared to indicate several workers have been let go from the business. Former H1Z1 developer Adam Clegg also appeared to confirm the layoffs. 

Posters on Reddit appeared to indicate the layoffs hit the Planetside two and Planetside Arena teams in unique. Daybreak has been plagued by a lot of layoffs and economic woes in the final year, obtaining previously laid off 70 workers in December of 2018 and a further batch of workers in August 2018. 

We’ve reached out to Daybreak for a statement, and will update this story when the studio responds. 

Update: Extra workers have begun posting that they’ve been laid off. 


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